“Energy Citizen” Trace Adkins

September 3rd, 2009

Country music singer Trace Adkins has signed on to the oil industry’s “Energy Citizen” campaign to defeat the climate change bill and again stop America from taking action against global warming. An overwhelming majority of scientists (except those bought and paid for by the fossil fuels industry) believe human-induced climate change is real; even George W. Bush agrees that human activities are changing the climate. Adkins says in his book A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck that “there’s indisputable evidence that this planet is warming up. We cannot dispute that; it’s factual… Are we contributing to climate change? Probably, but I suspect to a miniscule degree… Yes, I admit that we’re part of it, but I strongly suspect that if we were all driving electric cars and burning coal and oil, the planet would still be warming.” Actually, if all the CO2 and other greenhouse gases we’ve been pumping into the atmosphere is on top of and in addition to a natural warming cycle, that would make it an even worse disaster for humanity. Here, in verse, is our opinion of “Energy Citizen” and Mr. Adkins’ role therein. NB: Song references (some slightly modified) and citations from his book are indicated with quotes. The “fake letter” reference is to a series of fake letters from NGOs that a PR firm hired by oil companies sent to Congressmen.


Trace Adkins, you’re a shill

For oil companies that (like you) will

Say or do anything to make money.

(I’d laugh, but it’s not funny.)

How many dollars did it take

The promise that you “won’t try to lie” to us to break?


Oil and coal companies hire (pseudo) scientists

To argue that climate change isn’t real.

I guess they recruited you

To try to increase their appeal.

When you said you’re free-thinking

I guess that doesn’t mean you’ll adjust what you think for free.

You were right in your book that we’re contributing to climate change,

But not as you “suspect” to a “miniscule degree.”


You’re also right that “no one knows when the world’s gonna end”

But it sure will be sooner if we don’t amend.

So stop the false claims.

We don’t really “wanna go down in flames.”

 “We’re running out of time” to do something, you know.

Soon we’ll have as much chance as a “snowball in El Paso.”


You say in your book, what the hey–

The climate’s warming anyway.

It’s a natural cycle, so why not make it worse.

By pumping more CO2 into the air, of course.

But that makes no sense, and there’s the rub.

If your bathwater’s about to overflow, wouldn’t you let some drain

Before getting into the tub?


But Sorry Trace, you’re actually wrong.

The natural cycle has (for now) made the distance from the sun more long

Which means cooling should have gotten more strong.

As recently reported in Science Magazine

That means that human impact can clearly be seen.

And when natural cycle pops this bubble

Then we’ll really be in trouble


Big Oil spent over $55 million lobbying Congress so far this year

To make the climate bill and other regulations disappear

While citizens and the environment get it in the rear.

Did they pay you

To say what they wanted you to?

Because their astroturf “Energy Citizen” rally

Is about as “All Hat No Cattle” as can be.

What would make the campaign even better?

How about another fake letter?


They use your fame

In a dangerous game

To see how much CO2 can be pumped into the air

Before people start to care

Well, my friend, we’re there.


The glaciers are melting

We need to stop it.

Big Oil says keep using more oil

To increase their profit.

I guess if you can “Marry for Money”

You can do anything for it.


Wasting energy may help the industry

On which you fawn,

But it hurts our country and the environment.

That’s why we shouldn’t “leave every light in the house on.”

So don’t be an environment hater,

Or we’ll be “payin’ for it now,” and later.


Global warming is ”dangerous, man.”

If you don’t know why, try research to help you understand.

Because this IS a “thinkin’ thing,” so suck it up and deal.

Even your “boy in Texas” now says it’s real.

So please, “Don’t Lie” about global warming.

That, like overuse of oil, is habit-forming.


So “Energy Citizen” Adkins,

If Big Oil wins,

What will you tell your grandkids about why you helped kill at birth

What might be our last chance

To save the earth?

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