Employ Story (or: To Infinity, and Beyond!)

October 18th, 2012

A follow-up to Read My Lips: No New Jobs and Backtracking on Taxes, inspired by the Romney campaign’s backtracking on Mitt’s plan to create 12 million new jobs during Mitt’s first term.


“The different components of Mitt Romney’s pro-growth plan will enable robust job growth over the next four years and beyond.” — Romney campaign press statement issued a few minutes before Tuesday’s debate


How did Romney to debunks of his 12 million jobs claim respond?

By extending the time frame to the “next four years and beyond.”

Now, Mitt has 8 years, or maybe longer

To try to make the economy stronger.


In fact, Mitt’s policies, once put in place,

If projected out infinitely in time and space,

Will eventually meet Mitt’s job-creation goal

If only Republicans always stay in control.


So never mind Mitt’s plan doesn’t make sense

And he its employment impact misrepresents:

He’ll still eventually create 12 million jobs, or in that vicinity,

As long as Mitt’s policies stay in place for infinity.


Economists predict that current policies will by 2016

(Unless reversed by Tea Party mujahedeen),

Already accomplish the 12 million job objective,

Meaning Romney’s big jobs plan is completely ineffective.


So sorry, Mitt, to deny you your Job Creator glory,

But I’m just not buying your Employ Story.


Here’s the scene from the movie that inspired our title which I think best expresses Mitt’s plan for America, and his hope that America will believe in his plan as much as Mitt himself does. But while Buzz starts out as a deluded bumbler with an inflated opinion of himself and his capabilities, he later realizes the error of his ways and becomes Woody’s friend. Might the same happen to Mitt Romney and President Obama? Only if Mitt, like Buzz, realizes that what he’s proposing just won’t work.

 NB: In what could be a tacit admission that his claims were unsupported, Mitt did drop the 12 million jobs reference in his speech yesterday in Chesapeake,VA.


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