Election Results

November 2nd, 2010

Here’s our running (rhymed) report on the election results. For more detailed updates, check out The Guardian’s coverage and MSNBC’s updated results and interactive map. 

7:45 p.m. 

Rand Paul won in Kentucky, as it was expected he would.

Given his extreme Teabagger views, that’s not good.

(If you thought Congressman Ron Paul was bad,

As a Senator, Rand can gum things up even worse than his dad.)

In the West VA Senate race, Gov. Manchin’s ahead.

He’s a real Blue Dog, but that’s better than going red.

Repub Dan Coats has relieved Dems of Indiana’s Senate seat,

The night’s first Democratic Senate defeat.

(Rachel former Senator Evan Bayh condemns

For jumping ship and trash talking Dems.)

8:15 p.m.

Christine O’Donnell lost (as I’d hoped and expected);

I guess Delaware wasn’t by her evil spell affected.

Florida’s Marco Rubio has beaten Dem Kendrick Meek and ex-Repub Crist

(Another state that couldn’t the Teabagger onslaught resist).

8:30 p.m.

In Nebraska, Lincoln has lost

Which the Dems a crucial second Senate seat will cost.

8:40 p.m.

Manchin has won in West VA,

Which makes it hard for Repubs to take the Senate away.

9:00 p.m.

Retired Dem Byron Dorgan’s North Dakota Senate seat has gone to the GOP,

Bringing the total of Senate seats lost to three.

9:15 p.m.

Fox, NBC, and CNN have all now projected

That the GOP will take control of the House, as expected.

9:55 p.m.

With 44% of the vote in, Sestak is ahead by 4%

(I’m happy because of the time I knocking on doors for him in Philly spent).

10:45 p.m.

In Wisconsin, Russ Feingold has unfortunately lost,

Which Dems another Senate seat has cost.

He was a good guy and an honest man,

Trampled when Republicans the state overran.

11:45 p.m.

John Boehner is weeping tears of joy,

Looking forward his new minions to deploy.

Boehner says he’ll listen to the American people and change course

(He thinks the American people all agree with him, of course).


Though initially ahead, Joe Sestak has now lost in PA–

He’d have won if less than one percent voted the other way.

I have to say I’m disappointed

That my fellow Pennsylvanians Pat Toomey have annointed.

In five states, the GOP racked up a big governorship win

(Ohio, PA, Arizona, New Mexico, and Michigan).

That in and of itself is a significant gain

And will have a big impact on redistricting and the 2012 campaign.

Nov. 3, 12:30 a.m.

There’s good news for Dems in Nevada:

Harry Reid has won the Senate’s big enchillada.

Voters roundly rejected Sharron Angle’s extremist views

(She might have been the only candidate who that match-up could lose).

Arizonans have elected Rep. Ben Quayle (son of Dan,

And an equally under-impressive man).

02:30 a.m.

In CA, Democrat Barbara Boxer has held her Senate seat,

And Carly Fiorina has gone down in defeat.

Governor Moonbeam has also defeated Queen Meg,

Taking the GOP’s claim of a national wave down a peg.

In Alaska, Sarah’s lover boy has been rejected,

And it looks like Lisa Murkowski will be reelected.

I’m not a fan, but she’s better than that crazy lumberjack

(And it’s all, says Sarah, because of the media’s unfair attack).

02:50 a.m.

Prop 19 has in California has gone up in smoke,

So CA stoners won’t be able to (legally) toke.

That’s what happens, you youngsters, when you from voting abstain:

If you don’t exercise that franchise, you don’t have the right to complain.

It looks like Colorado’s Mike Bennet will narrowly beat Ken Buck

(Given crazy Ken’s extreme views, if he won that would suck).

And at least crazy Carl Paladino didn’t win in New York.

Still, Dems are done (for now) – just stick in the fork.

There’s still a lot that’s up in the air,

So I think I’ll postpone sinking into despair.

Not a good night for Dems, like the pundits said,

But there’s nothing more I can do; so I’m going to bed.


Here are presumptive House Majority Leader Boehner’s tears of joy. Will voters be crying when they finally realize what they’ve done?


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