Eight Is Enough

September 28th, 2009

Inspired by Huffington Post article “Where’s the Change? It’s Everywhere” (Huffington Post 9/28/09) . President Obama accomplished more in 8 months than the Bush Administration and Republicans did in 8 years. Don’t believe me?  Watch the videos below for a reminder of just how bad the rule of King George II and the Republican Congressional Cabal was, and could have continued to be.

It’s just so tempting, I can’t help myself–

This newserick should almost write itself:

Eight months for Obama, eight years for Bush,

So forgive me if I the analogy push.

Eight years or months is enough to know

That President Obama is a go,

And that Republicans are still

The Party of No.

And it’s not just George Bush that fits that definition,

Today’s Republicans continue his fine tradition.

Appeal to society’s lowest common denominator,

Fomenting fear of a Kenyan born dictator.

Govern by your gut, not based on facts,

And the answer to every problem is just be anti-tax.

Government’s the problem, not the solution.

Say no to science (3 of 2008 Republican Presidential candidates didn’t believe in evolution).

No plan, no ideas, no competence

No compassion or mercy (just indifference).

A party full of moralistic phonies.

Forget the public interest (just help your cronies).

Great at digging a hole for the country to fall in

But when it’s time to get out, they don’t know where to begin.

Universally against Government largess,

Until caught taking bribes and forced to confess.

No analysis, no options, no clue:

Your departure was long overdue.

No hope, no progress, no change.

They ruled 8 years? I find that strange.

No negotiation, no cooperation, no shame:

Maybe they should the GOP rename.

“Rejecticans” would fit them better,

And they wouldn’t need to change hardly a letter.

How do their and Obama’s accomplishments stack up?

Let’s what accomplishments each of them rack up.

Should we review a (partial) list?

OK, we can, if you insist:


  1. Economic rescue package (to avoid total meltdown from Republican Recession)
  2. More progress on healthcare reform than in last 100 years
  3. Climate bill passed House
  4. Fixed some of No Child Left Behind’s problems
  5. Dealing with Bush’s two wars
  6. Restored America’s reputation abroad.


For Bush and the Republicans:

  1. International AIDS program
  2. No Child Left Behind arguably not a total failure


On the down side for Bush:

  1. Failed to prevent 9-11 in spite of specific intelligence warnings (“Bin Laden Plans to Strike in US”)
  2. Bungled war in Afghanistan 
  3. Mislead America into war in Iraq
  4. Bungled war in Iraq
  5. Bungled Katrina
  6. Financial crisis
  7. Worst recession since the Great Depression
  8. Failed (thankfully) attempt to privatize Social Security
  9. Failed attempt to promote Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)
  10. Illegal wiretapping
  11. Illegal political firings
  12. Illegal campaign activities (directly linked to Rove)
  13. Torture
  14. Probably the most corrupt US government (as measured by indictments and convictions, and those are only the ones we found out about) ever
  15. More than doubled national debt (i.e., spent more on credit than all other presidents combined).

 So actually, never mind:

Bush and the Republican Congress accomplished a lot in their eight years combined.

It’s just that most of it was bad

(But heh, think of the good time they had).

Eight years was enough

For them to be in power.

And eight months enough for Obama,

The people to re-empower.

That Hopey Changey thing is working out great, thanks for asking.

(We’re still in the glory basking).


For those that aren’t quite old enough to remember, the post’s title refers to this 1970s sitcom. It wasn’t bad.

The video below (set to The Who classic “Won’t Get Fooled Again” from the album “Who’s Next”) was actually my first foray into public political activism (and so far, the most successful – it’s already up to over 130K views). Check out this excellent two disk collection in our Amazon Store, or download as much of The Who as you want for free with the Real SuperPass free trial. Enjoy the video, and leave comments on whether you like it (and the poem/lists).

Here’s the video from one of the Republican Presidential Primary where the candidates are asked if they believe in evolution. Three of them (Brownback, Huckabee and Tancredo) said they didn’t. McCain, to his credit, said he did.

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