May 20th, 2010

If you with someone’s policies don’t agree,

They it’s normal to hang and burn them in effigy.

Of course, burning in effigy is not the best thing to do,

But when you don’t have the actual person, you have to make due.

Left wing protesters used to Burn Bush effigies too,

Which I never thought was a good thing to do.

But where, Foxists, is your condemnation,

When the offenders are part of your Tea Party Nation?


Here’s Countdown’s 5/20/10  “Worst Person” report about President Obama being burned in effigy in a bar in Wisconsin by a group of Tea Partiers.

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Here’s a phone call made to the bar by Youtuber WhatSaidFred after the burning.

Here’s Obama hung in effigy in Plains, Georgia.

Here’s then candidate Obama hung in effigy in Kentucky.

Here’s your theme music, Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday.

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