Dynasty (or: Just the Ticket for the GOP Ticket)

January 6th, 2012

My theory about why Ron Paul is being nice to Mitt Romney and prediction for the GOP ticket.


“Dynasty trumps crankiness.” — Andrea Mitchell, commenting on Ron Paul’s willingness to keep his independent (and Independent) streak in check in order to advance his son Rand’s GOP career


“Restore Our Nation” or “R.O.N.” – Ron Paul presidential campaign slogan, until it’s time for…


“Rebuild A New Dynasty” or “R.A.N.D.”  — the real Paulian slogan


Why is Mitt Romney the only one to whom Ron Paul isn’t being nasty?

Because Ron Paul has made plans to start a new dynasty.

My theory is that Mitt and Ron Paul have made a deal,

The details of which I’ll now reveal.


The GOP field’s fragmentation

And proportional delegate allocation

Add to the Establishment’s apprehension

By increasing the possibility of a brokered convention.


So Ron Paul’s delegates may hold the key

To determining the Republican nominee.

In return for those delegates, and for going easy on Mitt,

Ron has promised himself to Romney’s election to commit.


What does Ron get in return?

First, when convention speakers are chosen, he’ll get his turn.

Second, when they’re drafting the platform, he’ll get a few planks,

Plus he’ll get Mitt Romney’s and the Party’s undying thanks.


Most importantly, in return for getting Romney the primary election,

Ron Paul will be allowed to determine VP candidate selection.

Giving Ron Paul the power to pick it

Will create a general election Romney-Paul ticket.


But lest you my prediction misunderstand,

The aforementioned “Paul” will be not a Ron, but a Rand.

How do I dare to such an ambitious prediction dispense?

Because it makes both political and practical sense.


Rand is the one with the necessary political skill

The Paulian political destiny to fulfill.

Rand is also well-known for being lucky,

And brings with him the state ofKentucky.


Rand is, motivated by more career-making hunger,

And is also significantly younger.

(That youth will give the Paulian Dynasty longevity,

Instead of superannuated brevity.)


Father Ron, on the other hand

Isn’t quite as charismatic as Rand.

Ron also has more baggage to counteract

And thus might from the ticket detract.


From Mitt’s perspective, Rand’s Southern and Tea Party roots

Some of the regional and ideological criticism of Romney refutes.

As since Rand is at the beginning of his career

He’d be less likely than Ron, Mitt’s presidency to commandeer.


But most important for the GOP

And the Party’s eventual nominee,

Rand on the ticket would preclude a third-party run by Ron,

Which would only ensure that Obama won.


All in all, it’s a triple win for Mitt, Rand, and Ron,

As long as the delegates can be depended on.

For the Republican Party, it might not be as advantageous a deal,

But only time the answer to that question will reveal…


Here’s Andrea Mitchell’s1/06/12 panel discussion. Susan Page points out that if Ron Paul (R-TX) is trying to help promote his son Rand’s career as seems to be the case, running as an Independent spoiler would scotch that. Andrea Mitchell’s “dynasty trumps crankiness” is at the 3”20 mark.

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Speaking of Texans and Dynasty, here are the opening credits from that famous eighties TV show.

Update 1/11/12: Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s theory about Ron Paul’s plans, followed by Now’s panel discussion. They speak broadly about the Ron-Rand Dynasty, but noone comes right out and predicts that Rand will be the VP nominee. Several of the panelists do make the point that Ron seems to be being awfully nice to Mitt lately.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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