Dueling Veeps

February 15th, 2010

Inspired by Edge of Darkness: Dick Cheney Returns, Joe Biden Tears Into Dick Cheney On ‘Meet The Press’ (Huffington Post 2/14/10),and Biden vs. Cheney on terror policy (Washington Post 2/15/10).

Is that infernal racket driving you insane,

Like a thousand drums pounding in your brain?

Then press your mute button, or pause the videos below,

And then back to reading my poem you can go.

Would that the real world were so easy to contol

And that retired VPs would assume a more stately role.

But the Prince of Darkness will not be cowed,

Not while there are lies to be disavowed.

So what if he’s one of the least popular people in the nation

(Not surprising considering his prior affiliation).

Why is it Cheney has been in the news so much lately?

(It’s not like he’s going to increase his popularity greatly.)

Maybe he’s trying to match the Zombie Queen,

Which requires that he be regularly seen.

After all, Dick doesn’t like to play a lesser part,

And she’s his rival in the fight for the GOP’s small, cold heart.

(But at least he’s standing up to her, unlike the others on the Right.

Maybe this will turn out to be a knock-down, drag-out fight.)

When Cheney was VP, handlers kept him under lock and key

(He was only let out when they needed someone to attack viciously).

Now that he’s on his own there’s noone to contain him,

And his interviewers rarely restrain him.

He says the President doesn’t “get” that we’re at war and is spineless,

The underwear bomber should have been tortured to make him confess,

George Bush deserves praise for “winning” the war in Iraq,

And if Dems stay in charge, we’ll have another terrorist attack.

So with this rabid dog on the loose,

The curent White House thought their own attack dog to introduce.

Biden sometimes puts his foot in his mouth, but by the same token

He’s doesn’t have the weakness of being overly soft spoken.

Biden took Cheney to task for playing fast and loose with facts

And making groundless criticisms and attacks.

He pointed out all the progress Obama has made

International terrorism’s capabilities to degrade.

I think the victor in this match-up was clear–

Maybe Cheney is loosing his ability to incite confusion and fear.

But one thing I do have to give Dick credit for:

He knows when DADT should be shown the door.


Here’s Dick Cheney’s interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl.


Sorry, wrong video. Here’s the 2/14/10 Cheney interview.


Here’s Vice President Biden counterattacking on Meet the Press.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Cheney on Meet the Press.

Here’s Cheney claiming yet again that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Here are Cheney and Biden going at it.

Sorry, wrong again. That was actually the dog fight scene from Walker Payne. I am very much against dog fighting, but I liked this movie. It showed the “sport” for what it is and made you feel for the characters (both human and canine). The Humane Society was on the set for the entire movie to ensure no animals were harmed. Here’s the Biden-Cheney showdown, as reported and analyzed on CBS Washington Unlugged.

And here’s the theme music, the “Dueling Banjos” scene from Deliverance. Check out the movie, CD, or MP3 in our Amazon store, or download it for free with the Real SuperPass free trial.

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