February 2nd, 2010

     I got in my car today

And was starting to pull out of my driveway

When a car sped by as if to say

“You better get the Hell out of my way.”

     He didn’t slow down as he got nearer,

And didn’t plan to, as soon became clearer.

If I dared continue, he’d run right into me,

And that was the way he wanted it to be.

     He leaned on his horn,

His face twisted with scorn,

His anger unsightly,

Because I’d slowed him down slightly.

     I always look first then slowly pull out,

So that wasn’t what this was about.

He had been driving much too fast–

I almost didnt see him until he passed.

     He could have given me a friendly peep,

But instead he gave me one long, loud beep.

I hadn even pulled out into the street yet, so there was no danger

(Just the inconvenience to him of having to slow down for a stranger).

     It seems to be that politics is increasingly like this,

As anyone who regularly watches CSPAN can’t miss.

People want to have everything their own way,

And raise Hell if things don’t turn out that way.

     As the President told House Republicans in Baltimore,

People just aren’t willing to compromise any more.

You can’t  “get 100% or 80% of what you want,” he told the GOP,

Because that’s not democracy.

     I have to admit, that guy pissed me off—

I honked right back as he sped off.

But the President  is much better himself under control keeping

And didn’t respond to the loud Republican beeping.

      The guy had to stop at the light, where I pulled up behind him.

I thought about beeping again of his crime to remind him.

But then I considered, thinking why create more fuss.

So maybe there’s hope for the rest of us.

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