Dr. Strangehate (or: How I Learned to Hate Anything that has Anything to do with Obamacare)

May 29th, 2013

Inspired by Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Obamacare (Fox News 5/29/13), Ignore those polls! (Obamacare edition) (Jonathan Bernstein, WashingtonPost.com 5/27/13), and GOP uses IRS scandal to gain edge in 2014: Republicans campaign on agency’s oversight of parts of health-care law (Josh Hicks 5/29/13 page A2).


“Since a Treasury Department audit found that the IRS had singled out conservative groups for special scrutiny, GOP lawmakers have been raising concerns about IRS oversight of portions of the Affordable Care Act.” – Washington Post


Obamacare must be rooted out and destroyed, along with all it accompanies,

So I guess we have to destroy private sector insurance companies.


We must oppose anything that has anything with Obamacare to do.

Doesn’t Obamacare use private-sector doctors? We better oppose them too.


Sure, at first glance, this approach seems unintelligible,

But we’re honor-bound to attack everyone who’s Obamacare-eligible.


Who cares if that includes most of the population:

It’s worth it if we can hurt the Obama Administration!


It’s not at all strange that Republicans hate it so much.

After all, anything else and we’d be out of touch.


(Of course, that’s just the Republican base—

59% of Americans Obamacare or something even more liberal embrace.)


Here’s a scene from the movie that inspired our title, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. I know, the GOP’s obsession with Obamacare seems crazy, but when you compare it with this guy’s obsession about bodily fluids, it doesn’t seem quite as bad. (General Jack Ripper also shares the Teabaggers’ willingness to do anything to thwart the conspiracy that only he sees.)


PS to Jonathan Bernstein: Your article was correct that the conclusion that a “most Americans still oppose health care law” as Fox, CNN, and even HuffPost misleadingly reported should be “ignored,” though not the poll itself. You also got wrong that “54 percent oppose the ACA, but almost half of those think it’s not liberal enough.” 16% said they opposed the law because it’s not liberal enough, which is 30% (almost one-third). 35% said they opposed the law because it’s “too liberal,” so I’m guessing you saw those two numbers and then said 16% is almost half of 35%.

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