Dr. Seuss’s Prescription for Healthcare Reform

August 16th, 2009

In response to Mike Barden comment on Huffington Post blog on Sarah Palin’s anti-death panel victory that to make healthcare reform understandable to the Birther/Deather crowd it would have to be written by Dr. Seuss. So, here goes.


Our health care system isn’t good.

Should we fix it? Yes, we should.

Better for patients like you and me,

Not just for the insurance company.


If you’re a health insurance company, what can stop you

From dropping a sick patient? Oh, they’ll drop you!

If the government doesn’t stop it

They’ll drop you to increase their profit.


And what happens

When you reach their ceiling?

They’ll cut you off

With no ounce of feeling.


If you change your job

You’re in a bad position

Because now everything’s

A pre-existing condition.


They’ve got a solution

If you can’t pay your bill.

Just borrow and go bankrupt

Like many others will.


Get in an accident?

Need emergency care?

Too bad the ER’s overflowing

With uninsured waiting there.


Our system now is great for Big Health.

It lets them do as they please.

Of course they designed it themselves

Via Republican proxies.


The public option?

Big Health wants to stop it,

Because it might

Reduce their profit.


Do they want competition

Or just to keep their monopolies?

If you think it’s the former

Just ask Harry and Louise.


“But the Government can’t do anything right,”

Says the regularly wrong Radical Right.

What confidence does the VA system inspire?

Its costs are lower and quality higher.


Republicans have no ideas of their own

So they just incite terror

Of death panels run

by a Kenyan-born dictator.


Isn’t it funny how their logic works?

They say someone who sasses a cop should be arrested.

But when Teabaggers are asked not to scream insults at Senators

Their God-given rights are being contested.


How about that bugaboo,

Rationed health care?

Sorry Harry and Louise,

But we’re already there.


But instead of government officials

Whose job is to help us,

Care is “managed” by insurance bureaucrats

Who make cuts for a bonus.


America is a great country

But it won’t stay that way

If we let Big Health and the Radical Right

Win the day.


So please, don’t be fooled

By hateful nonsense from Rush and Glenn.

Don’t let Big Health

Kill healthcare reform again!

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