Doubting Thomas and Stupid Steve

July 22nd, 2011

Inspired by GOP greenhorns are Boehner’s biggest trial (Washington7/22/11). 

“I really believe that your alarm on August 3rd will go off and the sun will be shining. And I’m willing to bet you’ll still have milk in your refrigerator.” — Republican freshman from Florida Steve Southerland II, reassured that everything in the world will be honky-dory without a debt ceiling deal
“The Obama Administration’s warnings of imminent default [are] baseless.” – Republican freshman from New York Tom Reed (paraphrased by New York Magazine)


Sorry Thomas, but what will happen on that August 3 morning

Is much more than just a baseless warning.

Will you finally only understand

When there’s a gaping economic wound you can feel with your hand?


And yes Steve, I too have no doubt that on August 3,

The milk will be where it’s supposed to be.

But that’s also the way it was on 10/29/29,

When the stock market experienced its biggest-ever decline.


Here’s Rachel’s7/22/11 report about Republican debt ceiling denial, with cameos by VA Gov. McDonnell and Barney Frank.

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Here’s Hardball’s 7/22/11 report.

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