Double (Chinned) Standard

January 20th, 2012

A follow-up to Going After the Swing(er) Vote, inspired by South Carolina GOP chair Chad Connelly’s appearance on Martin Bashir today to defend his buddy Newt against the media’s unfairness in asking Newt anything about his ex-wife’s statement that marriage-defender Newt asked her for an open marriage.


“I think the interesting thing here for Republican voters and a lot of South Carolinians is it seems like Republican candidates get all the pointed questions. We don’t remember Obama and Hillary getting the kind of pointed questions that we’ve seen our candidates get on a lot of these issues.” — SCGOP chair Chad Connelly




I know you and Newt are upset because you think he’s been slandered,

And are quick to point out the supposed media double standard.


Why didn’t Obama and Hillary have to answer these personal questions

And respond to these illicit suggestions?


Because when it comes to adulterous affairs, Newt has had many,

And Obama and Hillary haven’t had any.


Not only has Newt long-term adulterous affairs habitually repeated,

But he did so while attacking Bill Clinton because Bill had cheated.


So the double standard is yours, and the media questions are fair.

That makes two double traits you and Newt seem to share.


Here’s Connelly 1/20/12 on Martin Bashir (his comment is at the 4” mark), followed by a panel discussion.

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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