Don’t Reload

January 24th, 2011


Inspired by New gun laws not the answer, industry leaders say at show (Washington Post 1/20/11), and Tucson Shooting Largely Ignored At Nation’s Largest Gun Show This Week  (Think Progress 1/23/11), Va. data show drop in criminal firepower during assault gun ban (Washington Post 1/23/11), and Gun Show Attendees Say High-Capacity Gun Clips Aren’t Needed For Self-Defense (Think Progress 1/21/11).

“Don’t retreat, reload.” – Sarah Palin
“When 10 rounds just isn’t enough, try this Glock high capacity magazine. You won’t have to retreat OR reload!” – (paraphrased)
“If ten rounds of ammunition can’t do the job you probably shouldn’t own a gun. I don’t want to live next to that guy.” – SHOT gun show attendee when asked if extended magazines are justifiable for self-defense

When is 10 rounds not quite enough?

I guess when right wing politicians want to show they’re tough.

10 rounds isn’t enough to show there’s nothing you won’t do or say

To protect the interests of the NRA.

Unfortunately, the assault weapons ban was just starting to have an impact

When Republicans refused its extension to enact.

Does the NRA need to have so much power?

Do crazed shooters need so much firepower?

We won’t have change soon, I guess

Since the GOP answer to both questions is yes.


Here’s a video clip of the gun show interviews.


Update 2/06/11: This article by Stephen Hunter makes the best case I’ve heard so far for allowing high capacity magazines, arguing on the merits rather than attempting the inane “slippery slope” argument that the NRA is so fond of. Hunter points out that we need to consider not just how many lives banning extended magazines would save, but also how many such a ban would cost. I agree wholeheartedly. But I don’t think Hunter’s portrait of a rural Arizonan woman home alone with nothing but her trusty Glock to protect her from an attacking army of drug predators and/or coyote gunmen is realistic (or at least not common). So by all mean, let’s tally up the future fatalities on both sides of a possible ban, and then legislate accordingly.

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