Don’t Know, Don’t Care

September 23rd, 2010

A follow up to Don’t Ask, They Might Tell and Don’t Debate, Don’t Vote, inspired by Senator John McCain’s tirade about the rectitude of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

“I don’t care what you say and I don’t care what others say. I’ve seen it in action… So they’re not telling you the truth.” – Senator John McCain comments after leading fight to filibuster the Defense Authorization Bill (something he would have condemned a Dem for doing a few years ago) because it contained an amendment providing for the repeal of DADT

As I’ve said before, Senator McCain, before you pontificate,

Please try to get your facts straight.

Your notion of how DADT has been enforced

Is totally from reality divorced.

Are you calling Major Mike Almy a liar?

(Now that’s what I call unfriendly fire.)

Were you not paying attention when he testified,

Or did you just discount it because you thought he lied?

(Of course, it would be hard for Major Almy his story to invent,

Since that’s what was in the official charging document.)

Over 1000 gays have been discharged in the way you said the military doesn’t do.

Are you calling those thousand men and women all liars too?

Senator, I’m surprised that you’d so insult our brave troops,

Or does your regard not extend to minority groups?

You’re right that the passive approach is how DADT was supposed to be,

But since the Bush Administration it’s been enforced differently.

A variety of behaviors have been deemed the equivalent of telling,

To provide more excuses, gays for expelling.

(For example, many gay servicewomen were thrown out

When males reported they were gay because they wouldn’t put out.)

This is the policy that you still defend?

No, Senator McCain: DADT must end.


Here’s Rachel’s 9/21/10 report on Senator McCain’s misunderstanding regarding DADT implementation, followed by an interview with one of the over one thousand servicemen that McCain says is lying.

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Here’s Countdown’s 9/22/10 report on Senator McCain’s mistaken impressions about DADT enforcement, including an interview with advocate, author, and columnist Dan Savage and discussion of the Chambliss “all faggots must die” blog post.

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