Don’t Breitbart that PowerPoint

July 26th, 2010

Inspired by Congratulations to Andrew Breitbart — He May Have Succeeded in Having a Word Named After Him (Robert Creamer, Huffington Post 7/26/10).

“Breitbart v. – To intentionally make something appear to be its opposite for political ends. The pundit breitbarted Shirley Sherrod.” – liberal political organizer and author Robert Creamer
“Anyone good [at] VISIO / Powerpoint or know where @ link is to some diagrams of the money trail? I know someone can make one with all the sutff Gleen gives out. It wuld be nice to send something liekt his to our represenatives in Congress. Wouldn’t that be awsome for tghem to have to expalin away? So who’s good at it?” – comment by VeryConcernedGI to ACORN and SEIU: Anatomy of a Shakedown ( 9/27/09)
“Is there a PowerPoint presentation I have to watch first?” – comment by Chris to Is Medicare the Real Target of ‘Health Care Reform?’ ( 11/02/09)

I’ve recently noticed a trend

Which I hope this blog post will end.

In an effort to make it’s point,

The Far Right is using PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint files are distributed online,

Allowing followers to download and use them anytime.

This allows Far Rightists to more easily disseminate their schlock,

And followers don’t have to come up with their own crock.

It’s takes time and effort to develop your own web of lies;

With PowerPoint you just do it once, then distribute that to your allies.

And as any Fox News producer knows,

If you repeat a lie enough, its acceptance as truth grows.

Distributing PowerPoints lets the lie get repeated exponentially,

With an added aura of respectability.

People associate PowerPoint with presentations by experts,

And so tend to believe what the presenter asserts.

That’s the same reason Glenn uses a blackboard:

He’s like a trustworthy teacher, and his cred’s underscored.

So if you’re reading this, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates

Please develop software that these right-wing lies into truth translates.

To save our nation, I hope that the new software will be able

The lies in right-wing PowerPoint presentations to detect and disable.

Of course, the detection part is relatively easy:

If it’s on, you know that it’s sleazy.


And here, of course, is your theme music: Don’t Bogart that Joint (from the Easy Rider soundtrack), by Fraternity of Man.


Coming soon: Don’t Breitbart that Appointment (and click here for our other Breitbart related pieces).

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