Doing His Job

April 29th, 2012

Our Bin Laden series continues, inspired by ‘Manhunt’ details U.S. mission to find Osama bin Laden (Karen DeYoung, Washington Post 4/28/12), Obama campaign implies that Mitt Romney would not have killed Osama bin Laden ( 4/27/12), Assessing al-Quada a year after bin Laden (Greg Miller, Washington Post 4/29/12 A1), and the new Obama campaign Bin Laden commercial.


“It’s not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.” — Mitt Romney


“The downside would have been horrible for him… He took the harder and the more honorable path, and the one that produced in my opinion the best result… He had to decide, and that’s what you hire a President to do. You hire the President to make the calls when no one else can do it” — Bill Clinton


Obama could have ordered a drone strike or a bombing run–

Either might have gotten the job done.


But that “might” is just the problem:

We just wouldn’t know for sure if we’d got’m.


In addition, if Obama had taken the easier route,

We would’ve on the intelligence treasure trove missed out.


Obama put his political career at risk to do the right thing,

And Osama Bin Laden to justice to bring.


In addition to risking his own political career with that decision,

Obama also risked the lives of those who carried out the mission.


That’s their job, and they do it without hesitation,

For which they deserve our admiration.


It’s also the Commander-in-Chief’s job, and what keeps Presidents up at night:

To make those calls without regard to political impact if things don’t go right.


It’s a job that requires more ability to compartmentalize than most of us possess,

An area in which President Obama continues to impress.


It’s a tough job, and Obama came through.

Mr. Romney, I have to ask: would you?


Or, Mr. Romney, would you see your job

As doing whatever it took to keep your job?


Here’s the Obama campaign’s new “One Chance” Bin Laden commercial that the right wing is so up in arms about. The issue, however, isn’t just what Romney’s answer would have been to the simple yes-or-no question “here’s Bin Laden; do you want to kill him?” It took years of preparation and resources (which Mitt Romney said wasn’t worth it) just to get to that point, and then it wasn’t just a question of whether or not to go, but when and how to go. As described in the article ‘Manhunt’ details U.S. mission to find Osama bin Laden and the book it summarizes, Obama’s advisors (including Sec. Def. Gates and VP Biden) recommended options (e.g. the drone strike) with lower risk, but also lower value, since we wouldn’t know for sure if Bin Laden had been killed, nor would we have been able to reap any of the intelligence bonanza that the raid was able to.


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One Response to “Doing His Job”

  1. Andresa Says:

    absolute BS in my opinion.Bin’s been dead for 10 years. He had cnrihoc Diabetes and kidny problems. He was also (on record) interviewed by the CIA weeks prior to 9/11 and they let him go!Sorry but this is all bullshit of the highest order. Yet again the media and the govt has managed to hoodwink the masses into believing crap. Morale in the U.S. is at a low with just as many citizens (with respect to numbers) as the U.K. asking to pull our soldiers out of Afghanistan. The so called War on Terror isnt working. Bu$h’s wars that he re-started for his dad are continuing and will do until the Illuminati have total control over the middle east viz-a-viz the oil (yes that old chestnut)Laden’s bin on ice for 10 years for such an occasion. Coincedence its on May1st? no. U.S. special forces invading another country without permission (lol all you want there) kill someone and then evac lmFAO. Bullshit.Body buried at sea in respect of religion oh lord stop me please DNA matched to that of Laden, well of course it is, theyve had his body for 10 years!Just as i though millions of people were waking upto the threat/fact of the NWO and now this spanner is thrown in and we see millions of people totally sucked in by this facade of bullshit.People wake up smell the coffee .PLEASE

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