Disgrace for the Cure

February 2nd, 2012

Race for the Cure sponsor the Komen Foundation has cancelled its support for Planned Parenthood breast exams.


The Komen Foundation was heretofore known for their annual fundraising race,

But now they’ll be known for today’s woman’s health disgrace.


Planned Parenthood performs four million breast exams per year,

But now a chunk of their funding will disappear.


The alleged reason: Planned Parenthood is “under investigation

To see if they use federal funds for abortions–a false accusation.


The “investigation” is just part of the Republican ploy

To do anything they can, Planned Parenthood to destroy.


Why not wait until the investigation was done

Instead of barely just begun?


Because the presumption of innocence

Doesn’t apply in case of pretense.


If women die because their cancer is undetected?

Well, some collateral damage is to be expected.


Here’s Andrea Mitchell’s 2/02/12 report and interview with Komen representative Nancy Brinker.

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