September 22nd, 2010

Inspired by Obama blasts GOP holdup of Disclose Act (Washington Post 9/19/10), Post-Citizens United disclosure is down significantly (Sunlight Foundation 9/20/10), and Senate Will Vote Thursday on the DISCLOSE Act (Washington Independent 9/21/10).

“What’s at stake here is not just an election, it’s our democracy itself… A partisan minority in Congress is hoping their defense of the special interests and the status quo will be rewarded with a flood of negative ads against their opponents. It’s a power grab, pure and simple.” – President Obama in his Saturday weekly address

Why is it that Republicans don’t want corporations to disclose

Where are that corporate campaign funding goes?

Even Scalia said disclosure was a reasonable requirement,

When he declared unconstitutional any limits on what corporations spent.

(As my readers know, I think that decision was flawed,

But the support for disclosure was one part I applaud.)

Still, Senate Republicans voted against discloure en masse,

And so the bill failed to pass.

It doesn’t bother them, I guess,

That politicians will be even more beholden to Big Business.

Disclosure won’t fully fix the Citizens United disaster,

But without DISCLOSE, the corporate takeover will happen even faster.

That’s probably why Republicans don’t want it,

And that’s what will happen if we don’t confront it.

DISCLOSE is coming back up tomorrow for another Senate vote,

Which hopefully won’t be just another chance for the GOP, corporate interests to promote.

You know the old saying that the best disinfectant is sunlight,

So sign these petitions to tell Congress to get this one right.

Our democracy works much better with disclosure than without,

So hopefully tomorrow, the sun will come out.


Here’s Obama’s weekly address Saturday about the Republican corporate power grab.

Go to DiscloseAct.com to sign the petition in support of the Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections (DISCLOSE) Act, and here to sign this Sunlight Foundation petition.


And here’s your theme music for today, The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow from the musical Annie.


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