Dick Cheney for President?

September 20th, 2009

The reference to Cheney’s use of 9-11 to launch his crusade to increase Executive power does not mean I believe the conspiracy view that Bush/Cheney engineered 9-11 or purposely allowed it to happen in order to use it as a pretense for their policies, but I do believe that the Administration did make use of the tragedy of 9-11 after the fact.

Dick Cheney–
You’ve been on TV
A lot lately.
Your popularity has improved greatly
(according to the WSJ, from 18 to 26 percent).
Some even talk of Cheney for President.

Yes, you’re back in the news,
But to take any blame you refuse
The issues you confuse
And your opponents accuse
Is it a ruse
To get more power to abuse?

You’re giving interviews
In which you express your views
That you were the real Administration hero
And Bush without you was a zero.

It seems that your biggest complaint
(Which you make without restraint)
Is that George Bush wasn’t adequately firm
And stopped following your instructions in your (I mean his) second term.

You gave the office of Vice President
Influence without precedent.
Sometimes nobody knew
Who was the boss of who.

You didn’t like it that your aide
Went to prison for following orders you conveyed
I too think that wasn’t fair.
It should have been you in there.

You trumpeted the power of the Executive
Which for two terms consecutive
You sought to increase.
But that’s hard in time of peace.

You used 9-11 to launch that crusade
And out of lemons make lemonade.
You made American afraid
With the charade
Of a terror level upgrade.

If Democrats win we’ll be attacked,
You confidently quacked.
And though facts you lacked
You didn’t hesitate to act.
Your model for using American power
Seems to have been agent Jack Bauer.

You said in Iraq we’d be “greeted as liberators,”
You called people who criticized the war traitors.
You said in 2005 the insurgency was “in the last throes”
(Until reality did juxtapose).

You met secretly with oil company execs
Whose lobbyists plied Bush officials with cocaine and sex.
But they didn’t need to ply you
To do exactly what they wanted you to.

You uttered profanity on the Senate floor
Using a term not used there before
The f-bomb is illegal on TV
So shouldn’t you be fined by the FCC?

While you were in office, oil prices increased tenfold
And stock prices dropped 40 per cent.
It seems to me
The reverse would have created less discontent.

And then there was that time hunting quail
You shot someone but to report it did fail.
You kept it secret for a day
(probably until the effects of the alcohol went away).
You know, hunting doesn’t go with drinking ale.

You said you’ve changed.
(Maybe not so deranged?)
But anyone who falls for that shtick
Clearly doesn’t know Dick.

“There comes a time when deceit and defiance must be seen for what they are,” you said (to the letter).
Thanks, I couldn’t have expressed it better.

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