(Destroying) Jobs

April 8th, 2011

As reported in Shutdown’s impact on services, furloughed employees could be enormous (WashingtonPost.com 4/08/11 20:30), 2 million government employees could be out of a paycheck starting tomorrow night. But given their history, is the Republican antipathy towards government workers really a surprise?

The federal government is a big employer,

So why wouldn’t Republicans want to be it’s destroyer?

Remember, they wanted to let the US auto industry go under,

Which most people now realize would have been a blunder.

Instead of having to pay, the taxpayer made a profit,

And the auto industry is now again turning a profit.

Millions of jobs were preserved,

Instead of being fired as Repubs think they deserved.

Could it be that their jobs weren’t important in Republican eyes

Because auto industry workers are unionized?

Many government workers are unionized too.

Do we see a pattern in what Repubs are trying to do?

Or maybe in spite of the mantra they constantly intone,

The only jobs they really care about are their own.

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