Decouple Counseling

November 22nd, 2010

A lot of people have suggested decoupling the middle class and super-rich tax cut extensions by making the former permanent and latter temporary. If that doesn’t work here’s another option that has been discussed less: make both extensions temporary, but with different expiration dates.

For the GOP, it’s not enough for millionaires’ relative tax cuts to be quintupled,

But what they fear most is for those and the middle class cuts to be decoupled.

The White House has left the door open for all the cuts to be extended temporarily,

Which I’d be strongly against, ordinarily.

But if the votes aren’t otherwise there

And Conservadems and Repubs prove they don’t really about the deficit care,

Then  a temporary extension may be necessary,

But that’s still no reason to give in to the GOP tax fairy.

There are two ways to accomplish that goal,

Both dependent on Democratic House control.

That means this has to be done during the lame duck session

In order to avoid the need for further Dem concession.

The first is is to make just the middle-class cuts permanent,

Achievement of which is Conservadem-determinant.

Tax cuts for the wealthy could then be extended for one or two years,

Based on the alleged GOP and Conservadem job destruction fears.

The second option a similar political dynamic creates:

Extend all the cuts, but with different expiration dates.

Repubs would then have to separately support tax cuts for the rich.

(Sorry, Repubicans, but politics can be a bitch.)

That way, the GOP couldn’t continue the outrage

Of taking middle-class tax cuts hostage.

Remember, Democratic lawmakers:

We can’t give in to hostage takers.

Of those choices, I’m in favor of option two

Which is in terms of policy the better thing to do.

That way, middle-class cuts permanently extension

Could take place without Paygo suspension.

For more on how that could happen in just a year,

Read my further tax and spending policy discussion here.

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