Death to Dictators (or, Is Glenn Beck Suggesting Obama’s Assassination?)

May 25th, 2010

A follow-up to our earlier reference to Glenn’s obsessive hatred for FDR and our incitement series.

“Roosevelt – Am I wrong by saying there was a good portion of people that thought, holy cow, I’m glad he’s dead, he was turning into a dictator.” – Glenn Beck 5/21/10

Keith may have missed Glenn’s real message, but I’m sure Glenn’s followers did not.

(Glenn and other right-wing crazies are constantly calling Obama a dictator, in case you forgot.)

So Glenn expounds (all in good fun),

That if a president is turning into one,

Then it’s OK to be happy about his dying.

(It seems pretty clear what Glenn is implying.)

I find Glenn’s statement very distressing,

Especially given all the events coalescing:

Teabaggers burning Obama in effigy

Because they with his policies disagree.

Glenn says Obama wants to slaughter his opponents

(I.e., all true Americans and liberty proponents).

There was similar invective before JFK’s assassination

(Not to mention the right’s constant foreign birth allegation).

Given all this and the threats to Obama’s life

(Let alone his daughters and wife),

It’s not a joke or “entertainment”

To suggest assassination of the President.

Everyone is entitled to his or her views,

But what might happen if this rhetoric continues?

The old saying about words not hurting isn’t true:

They can hurt because of what they convince people to do.

This is what Nancy Pelosi was trying to warn us about

You can’t put words back once they’re out.

It doesn’t take much to put some people over the edge,

Especially with all the things right wing crazies allege.

John Wilkes Booth, Timothy McVeigh,

Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray

All felt they were justified,

And as a result, people died.

Glenn, I know you consider yourself justified too

And you’re not directly suggesting assassination is the thing to do.

But your listeners understand what you’re really saying,

And the not-so-subtle message you’re conveying.

And yes Glenn, you were also factually wrong in what you said,

So stop saying it before another President ends up dead.


Here’s Keith’s 5/24/10 “Worst Persons” report. Keith only gives Beck a “worser” (O’Reilly gets the prized “worst” rating), but I think that’s because Keith didn’t realize the subliminal suggestion that Beck is making.

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Here’s video of Glenn’s statement.

Here’s Glenn’s statement about how the American people are being taken to be “slaughtered” and Roger Ailes’ attempt to deny it, along with a bunch of other incendiary statements by Glenn.

Here’s a video clip of Nancy Pelosi’s warning. Let’s hope that it’s heeded before it’s too late.


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