Dear Archbishop Wuerl

December 15th, 2009

A follow-up to our earlier post about the passage today of the DC marriage equality law, inspired in part by Can this marriage be saved? (Washington Post 12/05/09), With D.C. Set to Legalize Gay Marriage, Will the Catholic Church Stop Helping People in Need? ( 12/15/09), and Equality Advocates To Protest Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. (New Civil Rights Movement 12/15/09).

     Archbishop Wuerl, please don’t go through with your threat

(By now, you’re wishing you hadn’t made it, I bet).

I get it, you’re against marriage for gays,

But now the law has passed anyways.

     I know you think you shouldn’t have to provide

Spousal insurance for those whose marriages with “God’s Law” don’t coincide,

But how does that differ from when you do so without remorse

For those who remarry after getting a divorce?

     And I know you don’t want to facilitate gay adoptions

(Though gays, unlike heterosexuals, have few other options),

But current law already requires you not to discriminate

Against those who can’t procreate.

     Even if you believe homosexual activities are illicit,

How do giving insurance and adoptions to gays make you complicit?

And besides, don’t you think there’s far worse sin

Than marrying the person with whom you love are in?

     I know that I’ve been tough on you,

But what do you expect an equality supporter to do?

Now that it’s over, I hope you’ll forgive me,

And maybe even become a reader of my poetry.

     You say “Love the sinner, hate the sin,”

But that doesn’t get you out of the fix you’re in.

You said you’d shut down if DC disobeyed you

(I know the end result must have dismayed you).

     As I said before, imagine if Jesus came into a town

And told the sick and the crippled gathered around:

“Sorry, I can’t heal you, I hope you understand.

The Romans haven’t agreed to my political demand.”

     I’ll tell you what I think Jesus would do:

He would support marriage equality too.

One other thing that you should know:

I (and many others) will be signing the petition below.


If you can, come to the protest on Dupont Circle on Dec. 20, and sign this petition to encourage the Archdiocese of Washington and Archbishop Wuerl not to follow through on their threat to cut off Catholic services to the city’s poor.

or, Start a Petition
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