DC Archbishop Opposition to Gay Marriage

September 2nd, 2009

In response to Archbishiop Wuerl campaign against gay marriage in DC as reported 9/02/09 by Washington Post.


Dear Archbishop Wuerl,

You make me want to hurl.

Who’s hurt if a boy marries a boy

Or a girl a girl?


I know, the prospect causes you grief

And is against your Catholic belief.

But we don’t live in a theocracy

So you can’t force your beliefs on me.


You may believe gays are an abomination

But DC’s Human Rights Act outlaws discrimination

And says a referendum isn’t allowed

To restrict someone’s rights to please the crowd.

Be thankful one can’t use a referendum to curtail religious freedom.

So let’s not limit our rights (you never know when you’ll need ’em).


You see, one can’t deny rights to people the majority abhor,

And those rights aren’t something people should have to wait for

(at least so said Ted Olson, the Republican lawyer from Bush v. Gore).

Segregation (also considered tradition and “God’s law” heretofore)

Lasted 100 years after the Civil War

And could have lasted 100 more.

Stopping such things is what the Bill of Rights is for.


I myself am a Christian

And when to Christ’s teachings I listen

I hear a message of love and inclusion,

Not one of persecution.

The world has changed since the Inquisition’s days.

And besides, I don’t think God hates gays.


We’re all equal in God’s sight

So why not give gays an equal marriage right?

Noone wants to force you do conduct their ceremony.

Noone’s proposing to end traditional matrimony.


No, I’m not a Catholic, in case you hadn’t guessed.

I’m not under your authority (for which I consider myself blessed).

So you can’t excommunicate me, like some wanted to do to Kerry

For differently interpreting teachings of the Son of Mary.


I’ve got my religious beliefs and you’ve got yours,

So let’s stop fighting these religious wars.

That’s important progress to make.

After all, we Protestants used to be burned at the stake.

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