Dazed, Confused, or Ignorant

August 15th, 2010


Inspired by conservative Twitterer (or Conservatwit for short?) ConserValidity’s recognition of my Twitter page.

Newsericks received an honor, publication of which I can’t resist:

ConserValidity has added me to his “Confused or ignorant” list.

(I’m also on his list of leftists and progressives,

To which ConserValidity inexplicably a negative connotation gives.)

Both are distinguished groups of which I’m proud to be part

Of those who from right wing echo chamber depart.

Courage Campaign, Mother Jones, Ezra Klein, Paul Krugman, and many others,

All of which I’m proud to have as my liberal sisters and brothers.

I take my place with those fellow liberals with great appreciation,

But have just one small problem with ConserValidity’s designation.

Why does it have to be confused OR ignorant, ConserValidity?

Why can’t it be both simultaneously?

As you and your fellows have offered proof conclusive,

Those two characteristics are by no means mutually exclusive.

And my dear ConserValidity, I must say I’m amazed

That you didn’t think to add the adjective “dazed.”

But the latter question aside, here’s a way you can easily make amends:

Change the name to “Confused and/or ignorant,” and add yourself and your friends.


Here’s a scene from the movie (one of my faves) referenced above, Dazed and Confused. Is it just my imagination, or does ConserValidity look (and sound) a lot like Slater?


And of course, your theme music for today is classic rock anthem Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin. The audio’s a little fuzzy, but you gotta love the live video close-ups.

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