Day One Fun

January 6th, 2011

Inspired by House Republicans adopt new rules for tax and spending legislation ( 1/05/11 8:45 p.m.) and For GOP freshmen, a mix of pomp and pressure (Washington Post 1/06/11).

“For the 82 new GOP lawmakers, outsiders-turned-insiders, a difficult balancing act began Wednesday. They railed against Washington, but now they are Washington. Yet although they despise much about the place, some said that the excitement of their first day – surrounded by marble columns, police escorts and families dressed in Sunday best – was undeniable.” — Washington Post
“The rules rewrite, which sailed through the House on a strict party-line vote, will also make it easier to increase the national debt by exempting trillions of dollars in GOP priorities from pay-as-you-go rules put in place by Democrats. For example, House Republicans could extend Bush administration tax cuts for the wealthy past their 2012 expiration or create a significant new tax break for businesses without regard for the holes those policies would blow in the nation’s finances.” — Washington Post

Yesterday was the new Congress’s first.

Out of 112, this may turn out to be the worst.

It didn’t take long to make perfectly clear

That their rhetoric and reality aren’t anywhere near.

Like the last Republican Congress, which managed the national debt to double,

These guys have already proven they’re equally irresponsible.

Though they campaigned on cutting the deficit,

Their first move was to much bigger deficits permit.

Under the new GOP House rules, tax cuts don’t have to be offset,

Which any true fiscal conservative would justifiably upset.

The only thing that now has to be offset is new spending

Not a very good way, our ballooning deficit to be ending.

As anyone responsible for a budget understands,

Cutting the deficit without revenue is like clapping when you can’t use both hands.

And even if Repubs reach their $100 billion cut goal (no specifics on that yet),

That’s a drop in the budget of a $1.3 trillion deficit and $14 trillion debt.

So for all their posturing and fiscal responability theocracy,

It turns out they just worship at the altar of hypocrisy.

I wouldn’t call it much of a balancing act

When you just represent the wealthy interests that your candidacy backed.

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