Day 45 (or, Looking for an Honest Republican)

June 25th, 2010

As anyone knows who reads my blog,

I’m not the standard left-wing ideologue.

I wasn’t produced by the standard liberal mold

(You know what they say about liberals getting old).

My views don’t always with Dem talking points fit,

And agree we need to do something about the deficit.

I also strongly support Israel and national defense,

Though some fellow Libs might with those views take offense.

I support choice, but not unlimited access to abortions

(I think Roe v. Wade got the right proportions).

I strongly support the troops and all that they do,

Even when it’s not something I’d want them to.

The same may be true for some on the right,

But the prospects for finding such a person don’t seem bright.

The GOP periodically claims to be a big tent,

But it’s true leader (El Rushbo) allows no dissent.

Chris Matthews has issued the GOP a challenge

To find a single party member who before Rush doesn’t cringe.

Matthews called for Republicans to publicly contradict

Their de facto Great Leader on any subject.

It’s been 44 days so far, and still not one taker

Willing to gainsay that bloviating faker.

Chris thought he’d have some when Rush sided with BP,

But still none dared with Rush to disagree.

Like Diogenes looking with his lantern for an honest man,

Chris has found no one since the challenge began.

Will he be forced to continue that quest

For a Repub who hasn’t to Rush’s control acquiesced?

(Diogenes was a young guy when he started out,

But as the picture above shows, his search wore him out.

Hopefully, Chris’s search won’t have a similar effect–

Hardball producers, please take action at the first signs of personal hygiene neglect.)

Is it that El Rushbo’s political power is so immense,

Or just that Repubs really agree with every notion he invents.

It’s probably a combination of both,

Which accounts for his influence’s growth.

As a Republican, to get ahead,

Do you have to be a Dittohead?

Come on Repubs, show some cojones,

And prove that not everyone in your party El Rushbo obeys.

Will they do it? Pardon be for being cynical,

But don’t hold your breath waiting for Repubs of Rush to be critical.


Here’s Hardball’s 6/24/10 report on Hardball’s “Out on a Limbaugh” challenge.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s the Current TV cartoon “Jabba the Rush” about El Rushbo’s dominance, making a repeat performance (because it’s so good) from our earlier piece, Cartoon Characters.

Here’s Rush’s statement that he is “no longer going to have to carry the water for people who I don’t think deserve having their water carried.” It’s too bad, Republicans, that he doesn’t reciprocate your slavish devotion, and you’re now carrying his water.

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  1. Consciousness and Spirituality Says:

    Is Deepak Chopra a traitor for calling Rush Limbaugh immoral?…

    Thanks for the entry, I’ve send you a trackback to my blog! :-)…

  2. Newsericks » Blog Archive » Rights and Wrongs (But Which Is Which?) Says:

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