Dallas Plus 47

November 22nd, 2010

47 years today since President Kennedy was assassinated, 47 poems about right-wing incitement, hatred, and violence 

Another year has passed,

With even more incitement than the last.

It’s been exactly 47 years since JFK was killed,

So here are 47 poems about how the right-wing with hatred is filled.

Or check out my violence series (it’s quite a collection).

If you don’t want to read them all, here’s a selection.

  1. The Obama Youth?
  2. Incivility
  3. Dr. Seuss’s Prescription for Healthcare Reform
  4. Protecting the Pres
  5. Does Obama Hate His Mama?
  6. Unfair and Unbalanced
  7. Going Drouge
  8. Dallas
  9. O Captain My Captain (or, Happy Birthday Abe)
  10. Glenn’s Gold (or, All Is Not Gold That Embitters)
  11. Canned Ole Opry (or, Minnie Pearl and the Tea Party)
  12. Death of a Hater
  13. What Rhymes with Glenn Beck?
  14. Health Haters
  15. Arsonists (or, Inciting the Lesser Angels of Our Nature)
  16. Patriot Majority (or, Stop the Tempest in a Teapot)
  17. High Tea Colonic
  18. The Foxist Party
  19. Glenn’s Magic Blackboard
  20. McVeigh and Today
  21. Bass-o-matic (or, Join the Tea Party)
  22. Compensation (or, “It’s So Small!”)
  23. American Idiot (or, Now I Understand How Obama Can Be Both Socialist and Fascist at the Same Time)
  24. Effigy
  25. Isolated Incidents (or, Your Tea Is Ready)
  26. Death to Dictators (or, Is Glenn Beck Suggesting Obama’s Assassination?)
  27. The Demon Barber of Tea Street
  28. Rise of the Old Right (or, No Bad Idea Ever Really Dies)
  29. Bad Angle (or, Second Amendment What?)
  30. Tiananmen
  31. The Demon Barber is Back (or, Barber Macht Frei)
  32. The Threat (or, We Got Trouble)
  33. You Say You Want a Revolution
  34. Argumentum Ad Homunculus
  35. Que Sherrod Sherrod?
  36. Crazy (or, Boehner Says Only 25% of Teabaggers are Homicidal Anarchists)
  37. Rising Tides of Blood
  38. Alien Attack (or, Shoot the President and Win A Prize)
  39. Felonial Williamsburg
  40. The 234 Years War (or, It’s Not Class Warfare if the Lower Classes Don’t Fight Back)
  41. It Gets Better
  42. Angled Up in Blue (or maybe that should be Tangled Up in View)
  43. Guillermo Jorton (or, They Don’t Look Like Canadian Terrorists to Me)
  44. No Compromise (or, Liberalism Is Evil)
  45. Ballots Versus Bullets
  46. Lockdown
  47. Re-Joyce
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