October 25th, 2009

Inspired by “Debate pitted by verbal grenades” (Washington Post 10/23/09; watch video of the debate below) and “Cuccinelli: In your heart you know he’s to the right of right” (Washington Post 10/22/09). For further background, see “Cuccinelli Sticks to His Guns in Statewide Race” (Washington Post 6/12/09), “Scary Music Award: Cuccinelli” ( 9/20/09 11:05; watch the ad below jointly attacking Cuccinelli’s opponent Steve Shannon, ACORN, and the Service Employees International Union), and our earlier post on good hair.


State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli

Has fire in the belly.

That’s good in a man.

Still, I’m not a fan.


He wants to be VA Attorney General

But his views make Bob McDonnell look liberal.

He’s harnessed the far right into office to ride it

(McDonnell on the other hand has tried to hide it).


His views are extreme (did I mention?)

But he might get elected anyway, since noone’s paying attention.

If McDonnell as governor prevails,

Cucc hopes to ride in on his coattails.


“You’ll have an attorney general who’s ready to fight with Washington,”

He told teabaggers on July 4.

So far that’s just bread-and-butter right-wing,

But he’s also said a lot more.


As attorney general he says he’ll promote long-term changes

As he laws and social relationships rearranges

He doesn’t hesitate gays to disparage,

And of course he’s against same-sex marriage.


Starting to get the hint?

Cucc has other ideas even more militant

Besides thinking homosexuality is an aberration,

He also wants to abolish the US Department of Education.


He hates Big Government and on reversing it has run,

(He considered not getting an SSN for his infant son).

Really small government, on the other hand, is good:

He even tried to cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

Cuccinelli + big government = 21K hits

If you’re an immigrant (even a legal one), that’s tough:

He said it’s OK to fire you if you don’t speak English well enough.

After that he proposed you be denied unemployment compensation

(I guess he doesn’t have a problem with discrimination).


On abortion rights he did commit

To be “the most pro-life leader in the Virginia Senate”

And given all the conservatives that therein sit

That acknowledgment is a lot to admit.


He says environmental protection

Is just a ploy

For those who goal is

Capitalism to destroy.


He thinks taxes and regulation

Are just thinly-veiled socialism.

When the Post called his office for a comment

They said “we don’t respond to opinion-based journalism.”


In January gun lovers went to Richmond to protest

That they didn’t want their weapons to divest

(Many in the angry throng

Brought their own guns along.)


Cucc addressed the group and was sure to mention

That he didn’t share Fairfaxers’ gun control intention.

He said “I have a district that votes four-to-one for gun control”

(But obviously he doesn’t see representing them as his role).


He won’t let NoVA “roll back our right to protect ourselves,” he said

(He’ll weaken gun control even more instead).

“I know defending the Second Amendment is the right thing to do”

 (And he’ll continue to do it until he’s politically through).


Cucc’s latest ad attacks Shannon for getting money from the SEIU

Because they in the past gave money to ACORN too.

If some of his contributors also gave money to the Nazis or Klan

Does that mean that he’s also their fan?


He says he’ll fight the Federal Government

(I guess he wants to capitalize on right-wing discontent).

He wears a snake pin saying “Don’t Tread on Me”

But is a snake what Virginians want to be?


Yes, I know, that was a motto during the Revolution.

But since then, we have had some political evolution.

Their motto was “No taxation without representation”

For teabaggers it’s just “no taxation.”


By the way, our other revolutionary motto was

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

But you right-wingers

Don’t like to talk about that one at all.


Cucc, you act like you think VA’s an oppressed colony again,

And nothing’s changed between now and then.

Are you trying a new uprising to forge,

Portraying Obama as the new tyrant King George?


So before you yourself as the new George Washington anoint

Consider that Steve Shannon made a very good point:

The history of Virginia States Rights

Is one of very wrongheaded fights.


What are the issues on which VA took a stand?

Some of them I just can’t understand.

Like slavery, prohibiting interracial marriage, and segregation,

And stopping public school integration.


One thing’s for sure:

Cuccinelli, you have the better coiffure.

So VA, if you want to vote on the basis of hair

Watch the video below to compare.


But as I’ve stated before

Good hair is something voters should ignore.

Though Mr. Shannon’s hair is kind of messed

He should based on his policies be assessed.


Ken Cuccinelli the Second

Was in political trouble until the AG position beckoned.

He was headed for defeat in Fairfax’s next election

But he’s perfect for leading right-wing VA’ers insurrection.


Here’s one of Cuccinelli’s recent attack videos (the one that won the “Scary Music Award”).

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