Countering Colin

October 26th, 2012

A follow-up to Endorsement Reinforcement, inspired by Colin Powell Endorses Obama For President (Huffington Post 10/25/12), John McCain on Colin Powell endorsement: ‘You disappoint’ (Politico 10/25/12 12:46 updated 10/26/12 09:35), and Sununu suggests Colin Powell’s Obama endorsement racially driven (CBS News10/26/1210:20).


“All I can say is, Gen. Powell, you disappoint us. And you have harmed your legacy even further by defending what is clearly been the most feckless foreign policy in my lifetime.” – John McCain yesterday on Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade and Friends
“When you take a look at Colin Powell, you have to look at whether that’s an endorsement based on issues or he’s got a slightly different reason for endorsing President Obama… I think when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being president of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.” – top Romney surrogate John Sununu to CNN’s Piers Morgan


General Colin Powell can’t be trusted because he was of his boss George too trusting?

Sorry Senator McCain, but your statement is disgusting.


It’s not Powell’s fault that George Bush lied to him too,

Just like he lied to me and to you.


(Unless you, Senator, knew all along

That what Bush about WMDs was saying was wrong.)


I thought you had integrity, but I guess it’s selective,

Or maybe the right-wing Republican rancor is infective.


Sorry, Senator, but you miss the point:

You, Senator McCain, disappoint.


And you, John Sununu, are even worse

To suggest Colin Powell is guilty of racism in reverse.


It’s a disgusting and revolting that you attack

AnAmerican hero for endorsing while black.


I understand your reasoning; it’s obvious why:

Colin Powell’s endorsement shows Romney’s national security message is a lie.


Powell was National Security Advisor, Chair of the Joint Chiefs, and Secretary of State.

His endorsement  must your entire national security attack negate.


Would Powell endorse Obama if his policies were to blame

For hollowing out our military and foreign policy as Republicans claim?


So gentlemen (and I use the term loosely),

I disagree with both of you profusely:


Colin Powell represents the best thatAmericaembodies.

He has more integrity in his pinkie than the two of you in both of your bodies.


Here’s John McCain on Kilmeade and Friends.

Here’s John Sununu on CNN.

Here’s Hardball’s 10/26/12 panel discussion.

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