March 28th, 2012

Attorney for healthcare reform opponents Paul Clement says that every economic sector has cost-shifting.


“When I’m sitting in my house deciding I’m not going to buy a car, I am causing the labor market in Detroitto go south. I am causing maybe somebody to lose their job, and for everybody to have to pay for it under welfare. So, the cost shifting that the government tries to uniquely associate with this market — it’s everywhere. And even more to the point, the rationale that they think ultimately supports this legislation, that, look, it’s an economic decision; once you make the economic decision, we aggregate the decision; there’s your substantial effect on commerce. That argument works here. It works in every single industry.” — lawyer for the freeloaders Paul Clement in Court yesterday


Sorry, Mr. Clement, but no sector has cost-shifting like healthcare does,

But I’m guessing you already know what a lie that was.


There’s no other sector in which a seller is legally required

To provide whatever product or service the individual required.


If the recipient has no insurance and can’t afford to pay,

The provider is required to give that care away.


That’s a cost which the rest of us ultimately must bear,

Which for the non-freeloaders out there is pretty unfair.


There’s no other sector in which this is the case.

But of course if you admitted that, you’d lose your case.


Here are selections from the day 2 audio. Clement uses buying a car as his example of cost-shifting, but his comparison isn’t comparable. People who don’t buy insurance still use healthcare services. They go into the car dealership, demand their car (which the dealer is required by law to provide), refuse to pay, and drive away. The dealer is then forced to raise the prices for everyone else. Only a small percentage of people are doing this, but they’re costing the rest of us billions of dollars per year (an extra $1000 per family in higher insurance premiums, plus more in taxes to pay for hospitals for that unsubsidized care).

Watch Supreme Court Considers Health Reform Day 2 Recap on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.


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