Corporate Executioners (or: Behold Mitt Romney…)

January 10th, 2012


Vultures pick clean the carcasses of animals that are already dead,

But Bain usually starts with a live victim instead.


Money Man Mitt is more like a corporate executioner than a vulture,

Both of which he’s sees as crucial parts of capitalism’s culture.


In Mitt’s and his friends at Bain’s defense,

They’re just carrying out the market’s death sentence.


(Never mind they often give the free market a nudge,

And regularly act as both jury and judge.


Never mind they still seek victims not by the market condemned to death,

Acting more like contract killers, or Lady Macbeth.)


Executioners aren’t necessarily evil – they’re just doing their jobs,

Just like Mitt Romney was when he destroyed all those jobs.


But being an executioner is something most people couldn’t bring themselves to do,

And the same is true for corporate executioners too.


And since most people vote based on how the candidate to them relates,

An executioner probably won’t be elected President of the United States.


Here’s Rick Perry on the campaign trail in South Carolina discussing Romney’s record of job execution.

Here’s your theme music, Behold the Lord High Executioner by Gilbert & Sullivan.

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