Contract Killers

January 11th, 2012


Mitt Romney wants to portray his vulture capitalist firm as an American eagle,

But if corporations are people, shouldn’t killing them for money be illegal?


The comparison between vulture capitalists and paid assassins shouldn’t be overdone–

After all, vulture capitalists kill with contracts rather than a gun.


That makes them both contract killers, destroying lives for personal gain,

Which is a pretty good summary of Romney’s career at Bain.


Here’s the video clip of Romney’s “corporations are people” statement. I thought you were pro-Life, Mitt, so if corporations are people, why are you killing them?

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One Response to “Contract Killers”

  1. Ubada Says:

    Maybe they will suggest inrsnauce competition across state lines, limit malpractice to bring down cost, or tort reform. Wait they have already suggested that but the democrats wanted more government control because of course they could run it better.Could it be payback that a lawyer president who is supported heavily by trial lawyers does not want tort reform or demands unions build his trains. Democrats hate competition they cannot control and have a piece of.Obama puts a new meaning to political corruption and partisanship. The only reason he wants to meet with republicans is because he found out he couldn’t shove his form of healthcare up the American peoples A but he sure tried.Before you say it it is all Bush’s fault

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