Confidence Game

August 8th, 2010

Inspired by At RNC meeting, a sense of opportunity—and also urgency: Confidence over midterms (Washington Post 8/07/10).


For the GOP, winning in November is a confidence game.

They’re going to win big (or so they claim).


They’re confident in their win (perhaps overly so),

And that’s important in getting supporters to the polls to go.

Minority party victory in midterms is the historical trend,

To which the GOP adds false propaganda, Dem majorities to end.


But our title’s deeper meaning is also true:

The election is a confidence game in the other sense too.

Republicans fooled the electorate several times before.

Are we now going to let them fool us some more?


Let’s hope that the GOP’s confidence is unfounded,

And that the electorate (this time) won’t be confounded.


Here’s your theme music, my first foray into public political activism, set to the Who classic Won’t Get Fooled Again from the album Who’s Next. Read more about the Bush years in Eight Is Enough.

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