Compensation (or, “It’s So Small!”)

April 28th, 2010

A follow up to our earlier posts Protecting the First Amendment?, Choad Rage, and Gun Nuts, inspired in part by What Do the Second Amendment Rallies Tell Us About the Gun Rights Movement? (Huffington Post 4/27/10) and Second Amendment zealots’ apparent need to compensate for something. (I wonder what…)

“This is my rifle
This is my gun.
One is for fighting
The other’s for fun.”
Marine Corps Rifleman’s Creed
“The gentleman doth protest too much, methink.” – Queen Gertrude in Hamlet (paraphrased)

Do you need to carry a gun to feel like a man?

What is your “open carry” symbol bigger than?

Does openly packing in public make you feel cool

And reassure you that you’re powerful?

Do you look in a restroom when you take a whiz

To see if yours is bigger than his?

Does what you see

Cause you envy?

Is there a reason why you like to touch

Your (and/or other guys’) guns so much?

Do you live in fear of that unkindest cut of all,

When a woman asks you, “Why is it so small?”

Is that why you want to carry all your guns all the time

And remind us you didn’t come armed “this time”?

What you have seems to be common in the Tea Party Nation.

The psychological term for it is “compensation.”

Far be it from me

To question your masculinity.

But it’s your own behavior that raises an eyebrow

Because of your symbolic attempt that suspicion to disavow.

As Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,

But carrying a gun since your other one’s inadequate is going too far.

(For you female gun nuts, maybe Freud was right:

Your gun might not represent what he thought, but then again, it might.

And men, remember,  whether yours is big or small,

You’ll never have the biggest one of all.)


Here’s the scene that partially inspired this poem, from the movie Full Metal Jacket (in my view, one of the three best Vietnam movies ever made, along with The Deer Hunter and Platoon). Is it just me, or do all these war movies seem to have strong homo-erotic and/or auto-erotic undertones?


Here’s your theme music for today, My Penis is Small (from the album And the Streets Will Run Red with the Blood of The Nonbelievers) by the group Treephort, with images and footage from Advocates carry handguns, rifles at Va. rally, the music video for I Like Guns by Steve Lee (watch the original video in Gun Nuts), and other miscellaneous sources.


Here are two other relevant songs, My ‘Little’ Secret and 3.14 Apple Pie by  Bo Burnham, a young and very funny Youtuber turned Comedy Central star.


Also check out The Super Tiny Mini album…It’s So Small!! by Rappy McRapperson. And here’s another  book I heartily recommend: The Sea Is So Wide and My Boat Is So Small by Marian Wright Edelman. No, the subject matter of the book has nothing to do with our main theme and I’m not trying to be suggestive with it. OK, maybe I am, but the main reason I’m plugging this book now is that it discusses extremely important social issues.

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