September 2nd, 2014

 Should Americans be colorblind?


We are all beautiful.
We are all deserving.
We are all destined for greatness.
Regardless of what we are taught,
We need to be color blind.” – BirdyMojo, If Only We Were Color Blind


“There is none so blind as he who will not see.” – Ray Stevens


To: My White Friend

From: Your Black Friend


If you’re colorblind, then you won’t be able to see

That it’s no coincidence these things keep happening to me.


It’s no coincidence I always get pulled over,

And stopped by the police over and over.


If you’re colorblind, then you won’t realize

That a different set of rules to me applies.


If you’re colorblind, then you won’t notice that I’m

Ten times more likely to be imprisoned for drug crime.


You won’t notice that when I walk by, white people get tense,

And that I’m much more likely to be shot in “self defense.”


If you’re colorblind, you won’t see that in my community,

People are shot dead by police with near impunity.


“Blind” means you can’t see something that’s there.

If we can’t see something’s wrong, we’ll never get anywhere.


Here‘s one of Stephen Colbert’s “I don’t see color” segments, discussing the overturning of New York’s stop and frisk policy.


Here’s MHP’s 8/30/14 panel discussion on racism. What really got to me in this discussion was the video of the black mom’s traffic stop. How sad is it that her ten-year old son got out of the car and knew to automatically put his hands up, and that one of the police had to tell the others to put their guns down as the kid was walking over (that’s at the 5” mark).

Here‘s your theme music, Everything is Beautiful by singer-songwriter Ray Stevens. Both he and BirdyMojo are correct that “we shouldn’t care about the color of his skin” and that “we need to be color blind” as they respectively say, but until society reaches that point, we have to clearly see color, acknowledge its effect, and seek to reduce its negative impact.

PS: I’m white, but I wrote this from the perspective of a black person to get my point across. Leave a comment to let me know if you think it’s an accurate portrayal.

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