CNBC Debate Live

November 9th, 2011

Here’s my live CNBC GOP Debate commentary (also posted live at



@RonPaul says liquidate the #debt/Aren’t Americans sick of him yet?

@MittRomney says he’s constant and steady (I wish he’d just admit he’s a flip-flopper already)



@NewtGingrich condemns Bernanke as an inflator and sings the praises of @TheJobCreator

@RickSantorum wants a corporate tax rate of zero (That really would make him the 1%’s hero)



@MittRomney says the middle class is hurting the most (I guess with President Romney the poor are toast).



Did @JonHuntsman just propose a new banking tax? (Isn’t that what the GOP usually attacks?)



@NewtGingrich puts in a plug his book on healthcare. (If you don’t buy his books, how will he stay a millionaire?)



@GovernorPerry wants to eliminate 3 agencies, but he can’t remember the third (at least this time his speech isn’t slurred)



@RonPaul says get rid of the student loans, and let students pay for college like they pay for cellphones



@TheHermanCain: The tax code is sending jobs overseas, which is why CA is having bridges built by the Chinese?

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