Climate Procrastination Frustration

November 15th, 2009

Inspired by “US weights backing interim international climate agreement” (Washington Post 11/13/09), “US Official: Climate agreement will take time” (Washington Post 11/14/09),  “Obama endorses limited goal for climate-change talks”  ( 11/15/09 1:18 pm),   and World leaders back delay to final climate deal” ( 11/15/09 5:04 pm).


No, an interim agreement is not as good.

It would be better to do a final one if we could.

But sometimes you stumble if you run too fast.

It’s better to come in second than try for first and get last.


I don’t offer any excuses for eight years of George Bush,

Who did nothing an international agreement to push.

But Republican opposition was well-know when negotiations began.

What do you expect from a Texas oil-man?


But some fault also lies with the EU guy

Who stonewalled on issues like sinks and JI.

If he’d been more proactive while Clinton was President,

Maybe the treaty could have been ratified before Bush was White House resident.


Obama, it should be acknowledged, has tried really hard

To return America to international well-regard.

He and Liberal Dems have been in the avant-guard

And have accomplished too much their progress to discard.


A bill passed the House in July

And the Senate is working to pass its own bill in reply.

But there are still many who climate change’s impacts deny

And CO2 regulations’ effect on the economy decry.


Given all the opposition, it’s mostly thanks to Obama’s pizzazz

That he has gotten as far as he has.

He accomplished more in his first eight months, it appears

Than George Bush did in his eight years.


But where does that leave us?

Though it may aggrieve us,

It’s unlikely the Senate will pass a bill by the end of the year.

That means we must consider other options, I fear.


An interim agreement was proposed by the Prime Minister of Denmark,

Who realized that a final agreement might be too much on which to embark.

An interim agreement might worldwide political opposition loosen

(Or at least so thinks Copenhagen’s host Lars Rasmussen).


Lars said international negotiations aren’t yet far enough along

To come up with a final agreement that’s strong.

He recommends “one agreement, two steps”

To gain interim understanding from the 191 countries’ reps.


The interim agreement will cover mitigation, technology, finance, and adaptation,

But binding targets will be subject to procrastination.

Some are criticizing the US for this result,

Taking the Senate’s delay as a personal insult.


But let’s be honest (especially some of you in Paris, Delhi, and Beijing),

Some countries’ positions have a hypocritical ring.

Some of the criticism against the US

Is by those who their own reluctance don’t want to confess.


It’s easier to say that you’re ready to go

When you can blame inaction on someone else, you know.

It’s easy to say all that you would do

If someone else would only do it too.


But that’s neither here nor there

Because the climate is changing everywhere.

If we don’t all do something pretty fast

The whole world will be greenhouse gassed.


The world had a chance back in Kyoto–

What went wrong there, both you and I know.

Let’s not make the same mistakes we made back then.

Let’s not mess up climate change again.


So fellow Liberals, don’t give Obama such a hard time;

Save your criticism for warming opponents this time.

And you other countries, please don’t be too critical.

Remember, these things are always political.


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