September 2nd, 2014

Inspired by Fox News commentator Arthur Aidala, and the Daily Show’s Jessica Williams.




“If the moment strikes me, this is my move. I’m going to stand, very slow, just like this [stands and starts clapping]. And you know, you walk by, I’m just clapping. And I would say the success rate is about 90%, you get a smile.” – Fox News commentator Arthur Aidala, demonstrating his “classy” way of catcalling women on the street


Dear Mr. Aidala:


If you think your clapping is class,

You’re a major sexist ass.


(Do you also think a classy rapist sends flowers

The day after he his victim overpowers?)


Women don’t exist to be objectified.

As they on the subway ride.


Women on the way to their place of employment

Aren’t performing for your viewing enjoyment.


Women don’t need you to approve of their appearance.

They just want to get to work without interference.


Catcalls are the flip side of slutshaming,

Just a few steps removed from rape victim blaming.


Art, you don’t have a clue:

The problem is men like you.


Here’s the Daily Show’s 9/02/14 report, followed by Jessica Williams’ response. (Aidala’s quote is at the 6” mark in the first clip.)


Opposing view: Some women apparently find catcalls flattering (at least the tasteful ones), but my guess is that it’s far fewer than Art’s supposed 90% success rate.

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