Chinese Chamber of Commerce

October 11th, 2010

Inspired by DNC Makes Major Ad Buy Accusing Chamber Of Potentially ‘Stealing’ Election (Huffington Post 10/10/10), Dems: Business group using foreign cash to aid GOP (Washington Post 10/10/10), Shadowy players in a new class war, Obama steps up attack on Chamber: Questions source of GOP funds (Washington Post 10/11/10), and the MSNBC reports below.

 “Who is paying for this? What do they really want? And who gave them the right to buy an election.” – E.J. Dionne (Answer: the Supreme Court)

The US Chamber of Commerce has $75 million to spend,

Democrat control of the Congress to end.

But the “US” in their name has become an oxymoron,

And anything who thinks this is a good thing must be a moron.

The Chamber says it keeps foreign money separate with internal controls

Whenever the Chamber foreign companies enrolls.

But all that money goes into one account,

Which the Chamber is now allowed to spend on campaigns, in unlimited amount.

It’s bad enough that our elections can now be bought by corporations,

But do we really want them to also be bought by other nations?

Of course, it’s not really much better

US corporate campaign spending to unfetter.

“US” corporations are just as willing to outsource American employment

To increase corporate profits a few percent.

Even for “US” corporations, the connection is increasingly tenuous–

To call them “American” is disingenuous.

Big Business has operations all over the world

Where they their corporate flag have proudly unfurled.

They’re out to protect their own narrow interests, not the Republic’s,

And shareholders’ well-being, not the public’s.

But though in protecting Big Business interests their unapologetic,

It would be unfair to say they about America are apathetic.

They care deeply about paying no tax

And that any regulations of them relax.

They care deeply about feeding from the government trough,

Though they simultaneously about government spending scoff.

They care deeply about electing politicians

Who help them further their corporate missions.

Interestingly, foreign corporations feel exactly the same;

They just can’t play the faux-patriotism game.

The accusations are baseless, the “US” Chamber proclaims.

Well, then open your books to disprove those claims.

Open your books to prove you with the law have complied

If it’s true that you’ve got nothing to hide.


Here are Hardball’s and Countdown’s 10/05/10 reports on the “US” Chamber of Commerce’s receipt of foreign donations. The Chamber says they have a “firewall” to make sure that money isn’t being used for political purposes, but refuse to disclose the funds’ source and use. But we can trust them, right?


Here’s the new DNC ad attacking the Chamber’s suspected use of foreign funds to influence the mid-term elections. Click here to do counter the corporate money flow by supporting ActBlue’s Patriot Majority campaign.

Here’s your theme music, Follow The Money by Bob Brozman, from the CD Rich Man’s War – New Blues and Roots Songs af Peace and Protest.

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