Change the Tone!

February 15th, 2013

Everyone talks about “changing the tone” in politics and political media. I propose starting with…The Cycle. No, I’m not proposing getting rid of S.E.—I want to change the other tone.


“TheCycleMSNBC:Please,for the love of God,change that ANNOYING transition tone!” — @Newsericks
“That’s not rhyming, @Newsericks.”  — @TheCycleMSNBC
“OK, how about this?” — @Newsericks


To the Producers and Stars of The Cycle:


First, I’d like you all to know

That I really love your show.


But I don’t think that I’m alone

In being annoyed by your transition tone.


I get that you’re going for that Law and Order touch,

But I don’t like yours nearly as much.


That incessant pling-pling-pling-pling-pling

Is the show’s second most infuriating thing.


I’m not sure why I find it so annoying—

It’s just so irritating, and cloying.


So I’m begging you: please please change it.

You’ve got a great show—Don’t shortchange it!


Here’s today’s discussion of the Triumph cruise ship debacle, beginning with that annoying tone.

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The one starting this segment is better—why don’t you start using this instead? Or better yet, you could do what Hardball does and use a part of your theme song as transition music.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s the Law and Order tone. This may have been the kind of effect you were going for, but I don’t think it worked.

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