Chamber of Secrets

October 16th, 2010

Inspired by Worse than Watergate? (Open Left 10/14/10), Wall Street Hopes to Use Republicans to Re-Purchase Congress, Silver Lining in Corporate Attack on Democrats (Huffington Post 10/15/10), Secret money matters (Washington Post 10/15/10), and MSNBC’s continued reporting about the deluge of secret money flowing (in no small part through the “US” Chamber of Commerce) into the midterm elections.

“Among the top 10 interest group spenders, Republican- leaning organizations outspent Democratic ones by a margin of over 10:1.  Furthermore, 4 of the top 10 group spenders are non-profit 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6) organizations, which are not required to disclose their donors.” – Wesleyan Media Project 10/13/10 report

“The American public cares about this… We’re going to continue to talk about it. The polling shows that over 80% of Americans –Democrats, Republicans, and Indpendents; this is not a partisan issue—think they have a right to know who is funding these campaigns. And we’re going to point out that Republicans are violating that basic expectation of the American electorate, and in particular races where candidates are benefiting from these secret contributions, we’re gonna put them on the carpet and have our candidates, as in the Kentucky race you showed, pin down their folks about why they are trying to buy elections with secret money.” – DNC Chair Tim Kaine on Countdown

“Sharron Angle believes that campaign finance limitations must come from the candidates themselves.” – Angle’s old website

The Chamber of Commerce continues its mission

To complete the next Congress’s acquisition.

The Chamber says they just want to be fully represented,

But the money being spent is unprecedented.

They want to go back to the good old days

When they buy the policies they want, but America pays.

Dems have recently gone on the counter-attack

To keep the Big Business Chamber from taking the country back.

We have have a right to know, 84% of Americans agree

(An overwhelming majority).

Glenn Beck thinks the criticism is an outrage and made a contribution

To support the corporate counter-revolution.

He opined most of the Chamber’s members are mom and pop operations,

Rather than the unfairly vilified big corporations.

That is true about the many local chambers of commerce,

But for the US Chamber, it’s the reverse.

The US Chamber represent and is run by Big Business,

And runs attack ads funded by secret donors (anyone’s guess).

Their goal is to elect “business-friendly” politicians

(The process might more appropriately be termed “mergers and acquisitions”).

Republicans are flocking to this giant pool of secret money,

Like a swarm of bees is attracted to honey.

(Contrary to popular Teabagger perception,

Tea Party candidates are no exception.

How much of millions in Sharron Angle’s third-party spending

Is from out-of-state big corporate interests which she’s now defending?)

It’s not a bribe, Republicans say,

If they would have done what those corporations wanted anyway.

Whether or not that’s true, the result is the same,

Particularly now that Republicans have changed the rules of the game.

Under Citizens United, coporations are people whose “speech” can’t be restricted,

Regardless of the harm to democracy thereby inflicted.

Even worse, Republicans have blocked requirements that funding sources disclose,

So where the money’s coming from, nobody knows.

But even more important than the secret money’s immediate electoral impact

Is the future concessions the Chamber and its members can extract.

Politicians know that if they cross the Chamber, they might feel the pain

Of being hit with a $10 million attack ad campaign.

Why do the donors want to keep their identities secret?

Because they don’t want to take an unnecessary PR hit.

Also, shareholders and customers might protest if they knew what donors were doing,

And it would make it all too obvious that they the American public were screwing.

There’s also this thing about donations from foreigners

Which the US Chamber reportedly garners.

The Chamber claimed only $100K of their budge is from foreign sources,

But Think Progress has already ID’d at least $885K in foreign resources.

It’s so unfair that Dems are bringing all this up to make the Chamber look bad,

And it’s understandable that the Chamber and Republicans are mad.

Will the Chamber now launch a $75 million campaign

About efforts to keep them from buying the election to complain?


Here’s Keith’s 10/15/10 report on the continued flow of secret money into Republican ad campaigns, with a very compelling statement by DNC Chair Tim Kaine. Keith also features a speech by Kentucky Teabagger Rand Paul, who had nothing but good things to say about the Chamber of Commerce and their secretly funded ad campaigns.



Here’s Glenn 10/14/10 on his radio show saying he’s going to contribute to the Chamber and exhorting his followers to do the same. He feels the Chamber’s pain.

Here’s the trailer from the movie from which this post takes its name, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (here’s the book series). A hidden enemy using a group of evil and/or gullible henchmen to take over the world? Any similarities between this scene and the Chamber’s plans is purely… coincidental?

NB: Though Republicans have enthusiastically jumped on the big money bandwagon, unrestricted secret money should not be a bipartisan issue, since it can be used against Republican candidates as well as Democratic Party ones. For example, did you know that Hezbollah has has reportedly been funding campaign activities against poor Sharron Angle?

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