CEO Summit

December 16th, 2010

Inspired by Obama Pushes CEOs on Job Creation (Wall Street Journal 12/16/10) and Obama Says ‘Progress’ Made in CEO Meeting on Fueling Economy (Bloomberg 12/16/10).

“We focused on jobs and investment, and they feel optimistic that by working together we can get some of that cash off the sidelines.” – President Obama
“It’s important for business and government to be able to work together. I came away feeling very good.” —  Honeywell Chairman David Cote


Obama is trying to convince Big Business they can afford

To invest some of their $2 trillion cash horde.

That’s the only real way to get the economy moving,

As opposed to recent short-term meagre improving.

Obama’s attitude during and after the meeting was very upbeat,

Even though Big Business spent the last two years trying to engineer his defeat.

The Republican response to the meeting was to “mock it

And announce that if anything came out of it, they’d block it.

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