December 22nd, 2011

Inspired by House Republicans’ cave-in on the payroll tax cut extension.


“Look, this is a Braveheart moment. You, Mr. Speaker, are our William Wallace. Let’s rush to the fight.” — Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) describing House Republican elation on Fox News, back when House Repubs still thought they were brave and brilliant heroes that Obama and Dems would have to come crawling to


“There’s a lot of folks who are saying you caved on this. Did you cave, and considering the fall-out, is this the worst week of your speakership?” – reporter question at Boehner press conference this evening


“It may not have been politically the smartest thing in the world, but let me tell you what: I think our members waged a good fight.” – Speaker Boehner response


House Tea Party Repubs weren’t Braveheart’s heroic Scots as they like to pretend–

They were the self-satisfied guys on the receiving end of that charge at the end.


They were the guys who double-crossed their titular head,

Who in the movie ended up defeated and dead.


They betrayed the people and their Republican comrades-in-arms

And set off a firestorm of Republican and right-wing media alarms.


They were the guys who thought they were so smart

But got their asses kicked, surrendered, and were forced to depart.


They thought they’d won and just had to stay brave,

But in the end they were wrong, and had no choice but to cave.


The winners weren’t the smug nobles who divide the country up,

But the 160 million whose taxes now won’t on Jan. 1 go up.


Here’s Hardball’s 12/22/11 report on the GOP House’s cave, along with Boehner’s press conference.

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Here’s a scene from the movie that inspired House Republicans…but not the scene they were thinking of. Watch for the English nobleman at the 2”05 mark smugly waiting for Robert the Bruce (Obama?) to come over and kiss his ass, but instead ending up over-run and defeated when the Scots (Dems?) decide to fight instead.


So House Republicans thought they were like the Scots in Braveheart, eh? Yeah, like the Scottish nobles who betrayed their comrades and their own people (like Cantor and the Tea Partiers betrayed the John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, all the Senate Republicans who supported the bill, and 160 million Americans) to the English King in order to increase their personal wealth (par for the course for Republicans). But like the traitorous nobles who were then repaid for their betrayal, the House GOP has now received its comeuppance.

Or, if you want to stick with Mel Gibson, they’re really more like the Mel Gibson character in that movie where Mel is pulled over for drunk driving, and then proceeds to curse out the cop, ask how they dare pull him over (don’t you know who I am?), and drunkenly blame all the world’s problems on minorities. Oh wait, that wasn’t a movie, that was real life. And so, by the way, is this.

Side note: The “unanimous consent” approach that Boehner has adopted is a neat trick, because it allows those Tea Partiers that oppose the extension to avoid voting either for or against it. All they have to do is not show up.

NB: The face-saving measure I proposed in Triple Play is apparently no longer necessary, although President Obama could still do what I proposed in order to avoid the payroll processing company uncertainty that House Republicans were so afraid of, and to be a nice guy.


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