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A Birther is Born (or: What Else Donald’s 1995 Tax Return Tells Us)

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Inspired by Donald’s tax return leak and Inside the Six Weeks Donald Trump Was a Nonstop Birther (New York Times 7/2/16).


“Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate? There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like.” – Donald Trump 3/23/11 on The View


The leaking of Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return tells us several interesting things.

It tells us that Donald probably didn’t pay any taxes (more than probably, since the Trump campaign didn’t even bother to deny that) for 19 years, and maybe longer (why assume that those are the only years he didn’t pay taxes for).

The leak also tells us that Trump was also taking advantage of another big tax loophole (this one specifically for real estate developers), to the tune of over $15 million in 1995 alone. That certainly wasn’t the first or last time he took advantage of that loophole.

But it also tells us something that to me is even more interesting: the tax loss timing tells us not only why Trump started attacking Obama, but why he started attacking him then.

The 1995 tax loss would have allowed The Donald to carry his losses back for 3 years and forward for 15 years. That means that he wouldn’t have paid federal income taxes from 1992 through 2010. The first year he’d have started paying taxes again was 2011.

2011. Hmm, what else was happening in 2011? Coincidentally (or not), that’s when Trump started his Birther attacks. Even more coincidentally, the Birther attacks started in late March, when Trump would have been preparing to make his first quarterly income tax payment, the first time he had to pay taxes in 19 years. (Note: Most of the press is referring to Trump’s tax-free period as 18 years, but I think it should be 19, since back 3 + 1995 + forward 15 = 19 years. As IRS filing rules state, Trump could have refiled his 1992 taxes up until April 15, 1996, or later, including extensions, which his accountants would certainly have done if Trump had paid taxes in 1992. And if he already hadn’t paid taxes in 1992, then that year still gets added to the list…)

We know that Donald sees and interprets the world only as an extension of himself. Everything is about him. Would it be consistent with that behavior for his first tax payment in 19 years (as opposed to when he was “winning” by not paying any taxes) to make him so angry that he started to fixate on Obama, to hate Obama, and to want to avenge himself on Obama? I’d say…yes, not only is that consistent with Trump’s behavior patterns, but it’s hard to imagine him doing anything else.

We also know that when someone angers The Donald, he seizes on and attacks them for whatever he thinks will hurt them most. For women, it’s often their appearance. For professionals, it’s usually their competence. For Obama, Trump must have come to the conclusion that it was questioning his nationality and legitimacy.

So unless this is a total coincidence, the timing shows clearly that Donald’s Birtherism wasn’t about Obama. As usual, it was all about The Donald.

And now, a short verse on the subject:

Trump hid his taxes, but because of a leak

We’ve now been treated with a peak

That shows that Trump’s Birtherism was all about pique,

Which in terms of Trump’s behavior is hardly unique.

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