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Two Predictions and a Mistake

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Season 6 Episode 9 yet, this post will reveal some of what happened in it and prior episodes. If you have seen it, read on (or click here for the rest of my Game of Thrones predictions and analysis)…unless you don’t want to know what might happen. What follows are not spoilers, since I have no specific knowledge of what’s going to happen next. These are merely predictions based on plot analysis. The may be right, or they may be wrong. Either way, I think they’re plausible, and I’d say likely, given the various hints that have been made.


What will happen in the season finale?

Will the “children of the forest” rally?

I’m expecting a surprise ending,

And if one of my predictions happens, it’ll be mind-bending.

Alas, I fear obligated to point out an error,

But I’ll couple it with two predictions! (What could be fairer?)


First of all, the mistake.

When Sansa was getting ready to sick the dogs on Ramsey, she said “you haven’t fed them in seven days, you said it yourself.” The only problem with that line was that when Ramsey said that, she’d rode off. I suppose in theory Jon could have told her, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would come up in conversation, so I think it was just writer error.

Now, the predictions. There’s just one episode left, and in true Game of Thrones fashion, the writers are sure to come up with something dramatic, yet tantalizing. Here are my two candidates:

Prediction number 1 (first made here):

The young man holding the baby stands in front of the wood hut, next to a young woman. They stare out into the woods in fear, then the camera angle switches to what they’re staring at: the Night King. He looks disfigured from when we saw him in human form (a few mini-horns, maybe) and slightly younger than when we see him in the present day, but you can tell it’s the same “person”.

He walks towards the young couple (the camera angle switches to the view from behind him, so you can see both him and the couple) and then stops, right in front of them. All three stand there silently, looking at each other. The young couple is obviously afraid, but they also seem to recognize him somehow. They all stand their silent and unmoving, and then the young man stretches out his arms…and gives the baby to the Night King. The Night King takes the baby, turns around, and walks back into the forest.

Prediction number 2 (first made here):

Bran, Meera, and Uncle Benjen are sitting at their campfire in a little clearing in the woods. It’s cold and dark. The ground’s covered with snow, and they can’t see anything beyond the small circle of light that their fire generates. Suddenly, they hear a noise in woods. It gets closer and closer: something is coming towards them, and they can tell form the sound that it’s something big. Benjen draws his sword. Meera picks up her improvised spear and gets ready to fight. She tells Bran to find something to warg into, but he says “no, I won’t leave anyone else to die alone.” Then, an enormous figure emerges from the dark forest. Bran stammers out “Hodor?”

Hodor’s hulking figure stands there, silently, for what seems like an eternity. We can’t see his eyes (the camera angle is from behind, the side, or maybe it starts at his feet and works upwards), so we don’t know if he’s alive or undead. He stands there, silent, and then he says:

“My name is Willis.”

I believe that there’s a decent (say ~55%) chance that one of these two scenes will happen (both conceivably could, but that would be revelation overload). There’s also a good chance that neither will, but if they don’t happen tonight, I predict that they’ll happen early-mid next season (early for the Hodor revelation and mid, or maybe late, for the Crastor revelation).

In thematic terms, the Crastor revelation is more important, though in terms of emotional impact, the Hodor revelation of course wins, given how beloved Hodor is by fans. I’d give a slight favorite to the Crastor revelation happening in the next episode (say 30% compared to 25% for the Hodor scene), since the writers like to stretch out really emotional revelations (viz. Jon’s resurrection). I personally hope it’s the Hodor scene, since I (and many other fans) really would like to have him back (alive).

When will we know if it’s going to be one of these scenes? If during the “previously” segment they show the Making of the Night King scene, then you’ll know that the finale will be my All in the Family scene about the Night King’s origin. If however during the “previously” segment, they show the “hold the door” scene, then you’ll know that the season finale will be the big reveal about Hodor. They may also tease us about by showing vignettes of a large figure shambling through the snow. We won’t see the figure’s face, but from the size of the feet and legs, we’ll think it’s Hodor. The show writers will of course want us to think that he’s a reanimated corpse (and maybe he is), but you and I will know the truth! (Or, what I hope will turn out to be the truth, anyway.)

Of course, the writers can be tricky and cruel, so it’s also possible that they’ll show “hold the door” during the “previously” segment, followed by scenes of someone really big traipsing through the snow, and possibly even culminating with the big dark figure emerging from the forest, and then make us wait until S7 E1 or E2 to see if Hodor is still alive. If they do that, then we’ll know that Hodor is really alive, since they wouldn’t make us wait until next season just to reveal that Hodor is now a really big walker.

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