Carpal Canal Syndrome

December 11th, 2009

Inspired by Chicago Sanitary And Ship Canal POISONED To Block Feared Asian Carp (Huffington Post 12/03/09), Single Asian carp found in Chicago-area fish kill (Washington Post 12/04/09), Fish kill called necessary to save the Great Lakes : Saying ecosystem is threatened, officials use poison on invasive carp (Washington Post 12/06/09), No Asian carp found in channel where DNA had been (Washington Post 12/08/09), Asian carp raises fear and loathing on Great Lakes (Washington Post 12/10/09), and Lawmakers seek emergency steps to halt Asian carp  (Washington Post 12/11/09). The poison used (rotenone) is only “mildly toxic” to humans, but is “extremely toxic” to insects and aquatic life until dissapating after a few days.

The Asian carp

Is a threat

But it hasn’t gotten

Into the Great Lakes yet.


Local officials

Wanted to avoid that at all cost

So they poisoned the Cal-Sag Canal

So the lakes’ ecosystem wouldn’t be lost.


Tens of thousands of fish

Were killed in consequence,

But it will all be for naught

If the Asian Carp the Lakes’ defenses circumvents.


Only one Asian Carp

Was found among the dead.

Was the poisoning worth it

To kill the carp’s spread?


The Asian Carp was brought to America

Thirty years ago

To stock Southern aquaculture farms

Because of how fast they grow.


They weren’t meant to be released

But some escaped anyway.

Now they’ve spread throughout the country,

Destroying ecosystems on their way.


Not only are they voracious,

But they’re dangerous to boaters too.

They jump out of the water when spooked by motors

And can knock you out if they hit you.


And for those of you who dislike

Any form of government regulation,

Do you also oppose Sen. Levin’s proposal

To regulate their importation?


What lesson do we learn

From this environmental morass?

If you mess with Mother Nature

She’ll bite you on the ass.

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