Car Before the Hearse

August 2nd, 2010

Inspired by President Obama’s speech in Detroit and The auto industry lives. Can we admit that government intervention worked? (E.J. Dionne, Washington Post 8/02/10).

Republicans didn’t even want to try.

Their idea was to let the car industry die.

They were ready to give the US auto industry up for dead,

But President Obama and the Dems saved it instead.

The auto industry is making money and hiring again,

And taxpayers will get their money back again.

55 thousand auto industry jobs have been added since June 2009,

Which Republicans would have to the garbage heap consign.

On top of that, an estimated 1 million jobs were saved,

Success about which the GOP has in the past raved.

All those jobs will have been saved, at zero cost.

Do Republicans really wish all those jobs had been lost?

(Remember, it wasn’t just GM and Chrysler that could have died then,

But all of the big and small companies that supplied them.)

So in spite of all the Republican distress,

Could it be that the program was a… success?

There was no socialism, no communist takeover,

Nor did the government investment preclude the necessary makeover.

Republicans also forget that it was Bush who got things started—

He ponied up $25 billion before he departed.

Obama kicked in an additional $60 billion, which appears to have done the trick

In rescuing an industry that was desperately sick.

Have the GOP and Fox issued corrections?

No, because admitting they’re wrong costs them elections.

Why do Republicans always seem to want to make things worse?

Will they never learn to put the car before the hearse?


Here’s the Rachel Maddow Show’s 7/30/10 report (with Chris Hayes subbing for Rachel) on Obama’s speech in Detroit about the auto industry bailout’s success.

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Here’s Press Secretary Gibbs on Morning Joe 7/30/10 talking about the auto industry bailout’s success.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here are President Obama’s July 30 Weekly Address (delivered from Detroit) and full speech at the Chrysler plant there.

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