Capital of the Free World? (or, Forget the Title, Just Give Me My Rights)

June 11th, 2010

Inspired by A frustrated DC turns its sights on statehood (Washington Post 6/10/10) and the GOP reaction to VP Biden’s statement in a speech to the European Parliament in Brussels that that city could be considered the capital of the free world.

“People wanted voting rights. That obviously didn’t happen. . . . I think there’s a view on the part of myself and a lot of other people: Why don’t we just wage the fight for statehood?” — DC Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D)
I’m a soldier from DC.
I fought to bring others democracy.
I went to Iraq
But when I got back
I found it didn’t apply to me.

Conservative insults at Joe Biden were hurled

When he said Brussels could be considered capital of the free world.

The Right says Washington DC is the sole title holder,

But when it comes to DC, those fine principles molder.

How can a city whose residents lack a full right to vote

Global freedom and democracy denote?

The GOP goes on and on about states’ rights,

While in denying them to others apparently delights.

And can someone please provide an explanation

Of why Teabaggers don’t protest DC’s taxation without representation?

Since 2003, DC has been trying

To at least partially end representation’s denying.

Unfortunately, there was a slight hitch,

And DC was made the NRA’s bitch.

Supposedly, DC has Home Rule,

But in reality we remain Congress’s tool.

Unlike every other State and/or municipality,

DC isn’t even allowed to set our own local policy.

We need Congress’s approval for our laws and budget,

Interfering with our business when they haven’t taken care of the country’s yet.

DC is effectively run by a committee that meddles in our local politics,

Using DC residents as whipping boys to get in their licks.

What happened to the mantra that locals know what’s best

That Republican politicians have always professed?

Why doesn’t that apply to their own interference?

(I guess it’s too much to ask for ideological coherence.)

No more trying to force us to swallow poison pills, or else–

Should DC residents have the same rights as everyone else?

The answer is, yes we should.

And if we were a state, we would.

Right-wingers, does all your hypocrisy keep you up nights?

Forget your “capital of the free world” title, just give me my rights!


Here’s Biden’s statement, followed by El Rushbo’s railing about it.

Here’s a collection of GOP and Tea Party leaders commenting on the outrageousness of DC’s lack of representation and self-government.

Here’s your theme music for today, Rockin’ In The Free World by Neil Young.

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