Can’t Find a Better Man

June 2nd, 2011

Inspired by Some Romney ’08 backers are backing out this time, “Public unimpressed with GOP candidates” poll results (Washington Post 6/02/11), and Sarah Palin: I’m not trying to overshadow Romney ( 6/02/11).

“What I hear from these people is, OK, maybe Romney won’t make enemies and somehow he’ll have the money and organization and he can beat Obama. But if they find anybody who excites them at all, who gives them any hope of some real juice, they are going to go to that person in a heartbeat… I’ve never seen a weaker kick-off by a supposed front-runner in any campaign in either party in 25 years.” – Howard Fineman on Hardball


Today, Mitt Romney announced he’s running.

The GOP groundswell was less than stunning.

Sarah Palin just happened to be in town

And proceeded to immediately shoot Romney down.

(She’s against individual mandates from state governments too,

Though that used to be the Republican thing to do.)

Howard Fineman called it the weakest kick-off in 25 years,

Even though Mitt did his best to stoke anti-Obama fears.

It’s not like Romney isn’t trying,

But the right-wing can’t help but think he’s lying.

Sure, he’s hitting all the rhetorical notes,

But is he hateful enough to get those Teabagger votes?

They keep waiting for someone better to come along

And lead their anti-Obama hatred song.

But it’s hard to find a mouthpiece for the disaffected

Who also has a chance to get elected.

Maybe they’ll decide he’s the best they can do

And they’ll convince themselves that they love him too.


Here’s your theme music, Better Man from Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy CD. And no, that’s not the crowd at Romney’s announcement…

Here’s Hardball’s 6/02/11 report (with Howard Fineman live on the farm) on Romney’s announcement.

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Here’s Rachel’s 6/02/11 report.

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Here’s Romney’s announcement speech. I respect the guy for staying married for 42 years, but I don’t respect his “blame Obama” pandering, in spite of which he still doesn’t come across as mean enough to satisfy the angry Tea Party right. NB: Romney’s statement that federal, state, and local government “under President Obama has grown to consume almost 40% of our economy” is absurd on its face, since there is no sense in which Obama controls state and local government spening. Given that piece of misinformation, Romney’s subsequent pledge to reduce federal spending to 20% or less of the economy (leaving out the state and local share this time), making it appear to the casual listener that he’ll cut government spending in half.

Here’s more commiseration on Hardball’s 5/31/11 panel discussion about the Republican search for a candidate –any candidate—other than Romney.

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